Phone hacking firm Cellebrite got hacked

Phone hacking firm Cellebrite got hacked

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The hackers have been hacked. The company whose devices let users unlock handsets was hacked last month and 900 GB data was stolen by an unknown hacker. Cellebrite is an Israeli mobile forensics firm that assists police and government extract data from locked phones. Cellebrite is known for its most powerful hacking tool Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) that assists investigators bypass the security mechanism of mobile phones. The breach of the data was first reported by tech website Motherboard.

Hacker has now started to release some of the files including method for cracking android, Blackberry and some other iOS models. Hacker claims to enter the website from a remote Cellebrite server as the 900 GB of stolen archive also includes log in details of customers. The breached data also contains evidence files from seized mobile phones and logs from Cellebrite devices.

According to Cellebrite, hackers whisked away the data through the company’s end user license management system. Though the breached data includes the basic contact information of customers, Cellebrite does not believe that this is harmful for customers. To date, the company is unaware of any possible risk to customers’ data however my.cellebrite account holders are also being notified about the incident and advised to change their passwords as a precaution.

Cellebrite has released a statement claiming that no source code has been released by the hacker. The files referenced here are part of the distribution package of our application and are available to our customers. The company is also conducting an investigation in order to determine the extent of the breach of the data.

Also few months back, one of product resellers of Cellebrite made the most sensitive in-house capabilities public and distributed copies of Cellebrite’s firmware and software for anyone to download. Currently, Cellebrite is working with relevant authorities regarding this illegal action to figure out the actual happening.

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