Samsung galaxy s8: what we know so far about

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After the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, Samsung is eager to win back customers with this year’s flagship.

Samsung took the market by storm as the Galaxy S7 was confirmed to have outsold the iPhone 6S and 6S plus, this was further boosted with the Galaxy note 7 impressing everybody with it introduction. This jolly ride did not last for too long as it eventually left the market as a result of many reports of it fails. It will therefore be a good thing to leave the previous year and focus on this year’s flagship, which is definitely going to be the Samsung Galaxy S8.

According to Lee Jae-yong, who happens to be Samsung’s mobile communications vice president, he did mention that the forthcoming Galaxy S8 Smartphone is going to feature a smooth design, an enhanced camera, as well as an improved artificial intelligence service.”

With the lots of rumor flying around about the phone, here are is what you will need to know about the phone.


It is no doubt that a huge number of people will be interested to know when the device will be launched. Well, at the moment, such information does not seem to be available as we are yet to see Samsung make an official announcement.

According to an unverified source on twitter, it was mentioned that Samsung will bring the Galaxy S8 to MWC, and it will not be like a big launching event, shown behind closed doors. After which it will then be me made official on the 29th of March and go up on sale during the 17th week of the year which happens to be around April 24 and April 30. The fact that this is coming from an unverified source which is even contrary to a previous prediction make it not to be taken seriously.

Before this, two possible dates were being rumored. The first was April 18 for a New York City event, according to a report from South Korean news site Naver, which cites industry insiders. The second date being suggested was April 15, but no city or location was mentioned in the ETNews report where the rumor originates.

People have been talking about an April date for some time now, reports have had it from the wall street journal that an official unveiling of the Galaxy S8 is only likely to be seen during an April press conference in New York City. Samsung, which has always been known to release new Galaxy devices in March, might want to use the additional time to see how they can be able plan with other agencies in order to map out plan through which the confidence of customers can be recovered before a new product is released to the market. Nevertheless, this has not been affirmed by the company.



Another question that seems to be going through peoples mind is how much the device is going to cost. The fact that it is going to be expensive doesn’t come as a surprise. Goldman Sachs assumes that the estimate of the device component is likely to increase by about 15 to 20 percent when compared to the cost of the Galaxy S7 and that Samsung is most likely to pass some f that cost to its customers. In particular, the investment firm is anticipating that memory and storage cost is going to increase. According to the leakster, the 64 GB model of Galaxy S8 would be priced at 6,088 Yuan ($885) and the 128 GB Galaxy S8 would be costing 6,488 Yuan ($943).  The pricing of the 64 Galaxy S8 with 4 GB RAM has not been revealed.


Being that we already have the 7.0 Android Nougat, one can only expect that the Galaxy S8 will bring with it the latest category of Android software when it launches. It is customary for Samsung to include most of its own apps and software to its Galaxy phones to give it a thrilling for users, we can only wonder what it has install for the S8.

We heard reports from SamMobile, says that the S Health s going to be one of the most updated features of the Galaxy S8’s, which implies that it is really going to contend with the likes of Apple Health. As reports would have it, the Smartphone Company is working with Amwell and WebMD for the purpose of further developing S Health, where users are able to research symptoms and drugs, and even book visits to the doctor. In addition, users of the S Health can easily access video appointments with doctors anywhere and anytime and there would also be an option to mention if a user has health insurance or not.

After the acquisition of Viv Labs by Samsung, which happens to be an artificial intelligence company that was, began by members of the team which developed Apple’s Siri, the Galaxy S8 will get its own virtual assistant. Samsung executive vice president Rhee Injong confirmed this during a discussion about the feature at a briefing in November. He also mentioned that the virtual assistant would connect to third-party services and apps, and that by so doing; it gets more intelligent and useful.

The Family care is another software feature that has been rumored to surface with the lunch of the S8. As described by its name, the app enables parents or the elder ones in the family to be able to personally decide what apps can and cannot be on a Smartphone, or the duration in which the device will be used. According to reports this software will enable users take control of reminders and notification. Parents will also be able to sync their phones with that of their children’s with a QR code.

The family care app can also enable kids to send their current location to their parents just in case they need a pickup or something of the sort.



Having heard previous reports from companies like SamMobile with the suggestion that Samsung would be putting away the headphone jack, new reports seem to have quite a different suggestion. We have seen new Galaxy S8 case renders revealing a space for a headphone jack. Not only that, even Android Police also has a report believed to be from a reliable source that the headphone jack will remain.

Some news sources in South Korean have it that Samsung is in talks with LG Chem for the manufacture of cells for the forth coming mobile device. With the regrettable battery problem of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung will no doubt want to ensure that such an occurrence never happens again with the Galaxy S8. Nevertheless, some sources have it that the battery deal with LG Chem is yet to be completed.


Camera modules have already been supplied to Samsung by LG Innotek, which is another part of the LG Group. Despite the fact that the pairs are rivals, they have actually done business in time past.

In the case of the charging port, Sammobile confirmed that the device is will come with the USB Type-C reversible charging port, which offers quicker data transfers and fast charging. It also went on to report that Samsung is likely to incorporate speaker from Harman, a company it is buying for $8 billion.



Some new rumors have it that the Galaxy S8 will come with a unique feature that is yet to be seen on the iPhone or any other android devices. The first report from windows blog was that the Galaxy S8 might come with a continuum-like desktop experience, we probably have a clearer picture of what such experience could look like now.

The picture we might be seeing is that the new device will function especially in the same way as the Microsoft’s Continuum, which lets you use your phone as a computer by simply connecting it to an external monitor. You might want to think that the desktop experience it brings will be similar to that of the windows but it not looking like it. The important thing is that it is able to run all types of android apps on it without the need to download any extra app.



With the many rumors we have been hearing, believing it will definitely mean that Samsung will be having a lot to offer as far as the accessory department is concerned.

Samsung might want to follow Apple’s trend by launching new wireless in-ear headphones with the Galaxy S8. SamMobile did report that Samsung is having internal talks to release a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that “compete with Apple’s [wire-free] AirPods.” Some reports coming from China hinted that Samsung nixed a prototype of the S pen with an integrated stylus, but will be offering it as an external accessory.



It does look like Samsung will be developing its own digital assistant on the Galaxy S8 and has trademarked the name “Bixby” which happens to be computer application software for Smartphone, Portable computers, mobile telephones, and tablet computers. It is being used for the operation of voice recognition system[s]. It also enables hands-free use of a mobile phone with the help of voice recognition. This shows that the name is likely to be used for its assistant. According to reports, it will be easy to make use of Bixby on almost every Galaxy S8’s native apps preinstalled on the phone and it will be much more upgraded as compared to Samsung’s S-Voice and will work system wide, meaning there might be no need of a Google Assistant on the device.

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Despite the many rumors about the Galaxy S8, none of them have actually talked about the design. That has been true until recently.

The new leak about the design of the device seems to compliment other forms of information seen about the design for a couple of weeks now. The leak which came from MobileFun reveals that the device is likely to come with a USB-C port, which wouldn’t even be at the center but at the bottom off to the side. More so, as opposed to some rumors, the device case reveals a hole for a 3.5mm headphone jack.


A different leak reveals a phone which has quite a separate design from the previous iterations of the Galaxy S series. One of these leaks reveals no home button on the device including an expanded screen which seems to cover almost the entire front of the device. What is most surprising is that this leak is coming directly from Samsung itself, which published a video on its Samsung Display YouTube account. Although we are not certain if this is a video of the Galaxy S8, despite the fact that the design is quite similar to other leaks. The truth is if this then is not the Galaxy S8, then it has to be another Samsung phone that is not yet released.

There is a new leak from Slashleaks which reveals a case for the Samsung Galaxy S8 which is likely to clear the doubt many have about the device having a 3.5mm headphone jack or not. This leak shows the case of the device having a headphone jack slot close to the bottom of the phone and three button slots on the left side of the device, including a camera cutout on the back with a slot above it which will definitely be for the camera flash.

An Interesting report revealed that it is looking likely that the Galaxy S8 will bring back the microSD card slot even though the slot might be for something other than the microSD.  probably a SIM card.

There is also a new report published from BGR claiming what could be the first leaked photo of the Galaxy S8. The image looks like it was shown by the Ghostek the accessory maker showing what looks like the Galaxy S8 in a Ghostek case. The render seemed to correspond with the previous rumors we have been hearing about the Galaxy S8 with reports that it is going to have a curved AMOLED display without a home button. The only contradiction is that there seem not to be any fingerprint scanner on the device because if the phone were to have a scanner, it will most likely be ingrained in the phone’s display which would have been a significant innovation as far as the development of Smartphone devices is concerned making it the first phone to make use of a new fingerprint technology.



Rumors have it that the Galaxy S8 would not be coming alone.  It is likely to be accompanied by a more sophisticated “Galaxy S8 Plus” model. According to reports, what might be the only difference between the two device is that the Galaxy S8 plus will come with a larger display.


One important thing for Smartphone user is security, especially these days where it contains lots of our financial information and used as mobile wallets like the Samsung pay and Android Pay. For this reason, the Galaxy S8 may come with an advanced security feature which was introduced to Samsung’s range on the Note 7: an iris scanner.

According to the report, The Galaxy S8 will make use of the Note 7’s iris scanner, which has been given a performance boost to speed up the process and will be placed along the top of the phone and separate from the selfie camera. It also put forward that Samsung will move the fingerprint sensor of the device from inside the home button to the rear of the phone, effectively embedding it beneath the screen.

Another feature of the note 7 that will be seen on the Galaxy s8 is the Samsung pass, a password manager. The feature is reported to rely on a combination of biometric authentication and Samsung’s Knox technology to keep IDs and passwords safe.


Going by the newest rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S8 could be the first Smartphone developed with a Bluetooth 5.0, which is the latest and best Bluetooth version. This Bluetooth version was first introduced by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group just a week ago showing far better capability as compared to the Bluetooth 4.2 specifications. The Bluetooth 5.0 offer amazing transfer speed which is about a maximum of 2Mbps, quadruples the range, and reduces power consumption.

This Bluetooth version does not necessarily replace other Bluetooth version; it is just an improvement of the functionality of the core Bluetooth technology. The good thing is that the Bluetooth 4.2 devices work with Bluetooth 5.0 phones even though it will not offer the same level of function.


Recently Samsung made it known that it would be acquiring Harman International for a massive sum of $8 billion, giving the company access to Harman’s connected car tech. however, this gives Samsung to the company’s admired consumer audio brand which will mean that Samsung devices like the Galaxy S8 is likely to experience a huge improvement in its audio quality. There is a rumor that mentioned that the S8 will be integrated with stereo speakers with Harman branding, in same fashion as the HTC Boomsound speakers used on HTC devices.


There is no doubting the fact that for years now, the Galaxy series has shown a great improvement in the quality of its cameras. Even the camera of the Galaxy S7’s has been described as better than that of the iPhone 6S in certain areas. Recent report has it that even the camera of the S8 will even be far better.

Beside the usual attention given to the rear cameras, the selfie camera might come with an auto focus feature as reported by ETNews in South Korea. Only a few phones like Sony’s Xperia XA and HTC’s Desire Eye has an auto focus on their front cameras. The camera will allegedly feature an encoder sort of focusing mechanism rather than a voice coil motor which will give space for a camera module with a lower depth. Report has it that the actuator on the device will be able to recognize people located at different distances in the frame which will be great for group shots.

Speaking about the rear of the Samsung Galaxy S8, there was a hint that was given by Weibo, a Chinese social media site.  It mentioned that the phone will come with a dual 12MP + 13MP rear-facing camera, just like we have it on the Huawei P9, Mate 9, and Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus. The only thing that is yet to be known is how it is going to function or what sort of effect it is going to produce.



When it comes to hardware for the Samsung phones, the Galaxy Smartphones have always been far better and this is obviously not going to change with the Galaxy S8. Rumors has it that it will make use of Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 835 processor which offers more processing power whilst consuming less energy than its predecessors. But like some previous Galaxy S phones, there might be other models besides the Snapdragon-equipped version.

Another rumor has it that an Exynos 8895 processor with ARM’s new Mali-G71 GPU might be used by Samsung. This processor is 1.8 times as powerful as the Mali-T880 MP12 GPU that was used in the Exynos 8890-powered Galaxy S7. This GPU makes use of ARM’s Bifrost architecture, which offers an amazing 4K and VR experiences. It’s also compatible with Vulkan, OpenGL ES 3.2, GPU Compute, and Android RenderScript APIs.

There is actually new information coming from china with a hint that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have its RAM increased to about 6GB and the device will also have an internal memory of an amazing 256GB.



The display is one area a lot of people are waiting to know what Samsung is cooking up for its Smartphone user as regards the Galaxy S8 in order to make up for the fiasco that was experienced with the Galaxy Note 7. The big question that has been asked by many is how great is the display of the new device going to be? As said by Park won-sang, Samsung mobile engineer at the iMID Display Exhibition in late October, he mentioned that the Galaxy S8 display will cover an impressive 90 percent of the front of the phone.

Normally, there has always been a choice between the curved display and the flat screen for the new flagship phones. This might be different for the S8. A report by The Korea Herald has it that Samsung is considering to put an end to regular curved display, which mean that we will be having a non-curved model for its flagship Galaxy line. However, a different report SamMobile mentioned that Samsung will still keep the flat variant around in the mean time. Some sources said that the company has already began to acquire display panels in 5.1 inches and 5.5 inches sizes from its own display-making unit, Samsung Display which is the world’s only providers of double-edged screens. This displays sizes are the same with that of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

Despite the fact that some report by my Drivers had formally mentioned that the new Smartphone would feature a 4K screen, Samsung mobile have formally reported that the Galaxy S8 will remain with the 2K display. This might probably be because the technology not yet available presently or applying it on a large scale might just be too expensive. Nevertheless, a 4k 5.5-inch display for VR was shown by Samsung at the SID Display Week in May. This signifies that Samsung is working towards bringing 4K to small screens but the truth is that it may actually take some time before it will be used on a device.

We have heard reports that Apple plans on removing the home button from its new iPhone in 2017. It may not be a thing of surprise if it is first done by Samsung with the Galaxy S8. With the latest report signifying that the front of the Galaxy S8 will be all-glass, with Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint scanner embedded underneath the panel which corresponds with previous rumors indicating that the device home button would sit beneath tempered glass. Samsung might want to bring in a besel-less display on the S8 if the device will not have a home button.

Finally, the newest news we have heard concerning the S8 is about it featuring“3D Touch”. Based on report by Korean media it mentioned that “an official of a Samsung supplier” is claiming the South Korean manufacturer is “ is thinking about implement the force technology partially from the S8.”

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