Stop Using These Insane Tips to Repair the Touchscreen of Your Phone

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Have you got scratches on the screen of your phone? Don’t worry. You are not alone. In this world, millions of people around the world have gone through this trauma. However, you shouldn’t start searching home remedies for repairing the touchscreens of smartphones on YouTube or on other internet resources.  Though you can find plenty of tips regarding the repairing of touchscreens, you can’t afford to apply those untrustworthy tips on the sensitive screen of your phone. You may find many people suggesting different tips to repair your phone. But, these are just tips and are certainly not suggested by any authentic mobile repairer.

For your ease, below are the some of the top insane tips that people may suggest you repair the screen. Read them and keep yourself away from these activities:


You must have heard many successful stories that how people repaired their scratched CDs by using a toothpaste. It is true that toothpastes can help in removing deflection of the laser beam and correcting the problem. But, this cannot work in the case of mobile screens. You will see a little bit clearance on the surface of the screen, but the screen may damage from inside and it can be really bad news for you if the screen gets dead.


Do you really know the exact use of sandpaper? It is used to grind against a surface and to remove the material on the surface. It is generally used to remove the old layer of a paint from walls or furniture. But, it will be the worst idea if you use the same technique with your phone. By using a sandpaper to remove the scratches from your screen, you will rather make the situation worse and you may lose the screen permanently.

Vegetable Oil

This is another silly tip people that people may suggest you. They may suggest you apply a small drop of vegetable oil to the screen of your mobile and the oil will do the work for you. But, by doing this, not only your phone will get oily, but that oil may penetrate in inside of your phone as well. So, don’t try to do this with your phone.

Mixture of Egg and Potassium Aluminum Sulphate

Well, this seems more a chemistry project of a college than a tip to repair a touchscreen. There are also some insane people living in this world who can suggest you apply this formula. They may ask you to take an egg white, alum, and aluminum foil and bake their mixture. Do you still feel you can use it on your sensitive mobile screen? Not at all!

What is the Right Thing to Do Then?

If you have got your touchscreen damaged, scratched, or cracked, the best to do is to approach a reliable service center. There are several iPhone repair centers (read reviews) and centers for all other brands working in the market. You should go there and let the work to be done by professionals.

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