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5 creative ways to celebrate Mother’s Day

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Mothers remain busy 365 days a year to support her family, kids and other loved ones. This sweet Sunday in May comes once a year. So why not do something extra special to make Mother’s Day an unforgettable experience of her life. When you were a kid, it was easier to give an impressive gift to your mother. But in the digital world, you may require a bit more thought to elicit a smile on her face. We have got some digitally creative ideas that will make day a memorable one.

Get Digital with her- This is digital era so is your mom. You might not have time from your hectic schedule to take your mother’s phone for repair. But this Mother’s Day dedicate your all time to your mother. Set aside all the plans and spend some time with her as she is queen of the day. Discuss about the new applications that she must use in her daily routine. Don’t forget whatever you are today is because of your mother. So treat her the way she deserves. She is the reason to be you in this world. The moments you will spend with her will be the best Mother’s Day gift.

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Family Picnic- Turn the day into a one day adventurous trip. Grab the whole family and head towards her favorite place that could be a park, lake or beach. Your mother does not demand an expensive diamond pendant or a fancy dinner. She just wants you and your attention. Spending time together is what really counts so have a picnic, go for a long drive or watch a movie.

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Generations Unite- It could be the perfect way for a joint celebration. Get benefited this special day and show your gratitude to all loved ones. Gather all the grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles. A barbecue is the perfect venue for this loveliest mega celebration.

Give Mother a Day Off- She is the princess of the day. Encourage everyone to pitch in and let her sit back and relax. Don’t let her involve in household chores on this day. She deserves it. Cook her favorite dishes. Have the family prepare dinner and serve it in special way on her special day.

give mother a day off

Social Media sap-fest- Post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for every hour of the day about the things about your mother you are grateful for. Be as specific as you can be. You may pick old family videos with her favorite song she always sings around the house. Photo collage stirs warm memories and can tug on her heartstrings. Fill the album with a visual timeline of family, togetherness and special moments. You may post it on social media with some great words of care for her. A mom deserves a hashtag on this day. She will surely appreciate your efforts.

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Take some time for the one who have nurtured and encouraged you. Use any of the above mentioned ways to express gratitude to your mother who have made you who you are today. Do you have any other unique ideas for Mother’s Day celebration?  Share with us!

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