50 Real and Bizarre Mobile Phone Damage Incidents

50 Real and Bizarre Mobile Phone Damage Incidents

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The mobile phone has now become one of the necessities for the human beings without which they might not live a happy life. You might have heard or have been through several incidents regarding the phone damages. The most common stories you would have heard might be the phone getting all destroyed by the water or screen damaged due to heavy pressure on it, but apart from all these serious stories, there have been many other cases reported by the phone users, who have ultimately lost or damaged their phones due to the most bizarre incidents.

For sure, the happenings are real and sad, but at the same time, they are funny and helpful, as they give you the idea about the things not do with your mobile phone. So here you go

  1. Phone Thrown Accidently

A lady was playing with her dog. In one hand she had a ball and on the other hand, she was holding her phone. She thought she threw the ball, as she saw her dog running to get it back, but guess what, she was still holding the ball, but there was no phone.

  1. The Phone Fell Out

In this incident, a woman lost her phone, as it fell out of her handbag in the car park. Till she noticed, the phone was in the state of damage, as a car ran over it.

  1. Smashed Screen on the Restaurant’s Floor

A family was having a meal in the restaurant, when one of the family members’s accidentally pulled the tray, onto which another family member’s phone was kept, and the phone dropped on the floor. The screen got totally damaged.

  1. Help Went Wrong

A guy was trying to help someone on the road by giving the directions through his hand’s gesture out of his car’s window. He had his phone in the same hand and it accidentally slipped away. The phone was lost and never found.

  1. Cat Swiped

A person reported that he had installed cat games on his phone. One day his cat was playing the cat games when suddenly she knocked the phone on the table, as she swiped with full energy. The damage was nothing but a severe broken screen.

  1. The Egg Accident

Someone random threw an egg on an unknown car, which hit the driver’s front pocket of the jacket that he was wearing and broke his phone, as it was there in the pocket.

  1. Phone Became the Victim

A husband threw his wife’s phone because she was complaining him to get her a new phone as the old one wasn’t performing well. The phone got completely broke and later the husband did pay for his action by bringing her a new phone.

  1. The Killer Bees Incident

A man was attacked by the killer bees, so he tried to escape and ran towards the balcony. During this entire scenario, he was holding his phone and he thought that the balcony would make the bees disappear. This is when the bees attacked directly on his face and he lost the grip on his phone. The phone dropped on the concrete and it was into pieces.

  1. The Dog Disappeared the Phone

One of the users shared his incident of losing his phone forever. His dog ran off with his mobile phone, as he heard the “cat meow” ringtone. The phone was never found.

  1. Cracked Screen by the Dog

A woman gave her phone to her dog to play as a toy. After a few minutes, she heard the cracking sound of the screen and her phone’s screen was filled with several deep cracks.

  1. The Goat Hit Hard

A person kept his phone in his back jean’s pocket when a goat hit and the phone screen got damaged. It is still unknown what made the goat hit so hard.

  1. Phone Broken by Nunchucks

A guy, probably a fan of Bruce Lee, damaged his phone as he was practicing nunchucks. The nunchucks smashed against his legs that broke his mobile phone’s screen, as he forgot that he had his phone in his pocket.

  1. The Slamming Door Story

A quarrel between a mother and daughter took place where the teenage daughter won the argument. The mother, in anger, smashed her daughter’s bedroom door when they both heard a cracking sound. Surprisingly, there was a phone in between the door and the wall, and the mobile phone’s screen was cracked into pieces.

  1. Toilet Selfie Incident

A woman’s mobile phone went into the drainage, as she was taking a selfie in the toilet and this is where she lost her grip and the phone slipped right into the toilet.

  1. Sitting on the Phone

A guy, while watching his favorite T.V series, sat on his phone and later he came to know that his mobile phone’s screen got all broke.

  1. Phone Dropped into the Bushes

A guy was going walking to some place and for some reason, he looked down the bridge. His phone was in the front pocket of his shirt and as he was leaning, the phone fell out of the pocket and disappeared into the woods.

  1. The Rock Night Smash

A teenage girl went to a rock night and the place was full of crowd. She was holding her mobile phone in her hand when suddenly somebody pushed her accidentally and her phone slipped out of her hands and on the floor in the crowd. She managed to get her phone back, but the screen was damaged by various spots. Probably, the crowd didn’t notice a phone on the floor and stepped on it several times.

  1. Lost by the Wind

One guy, while driving on the highway, found a beautiful rainbow, so he decided to take a picture while his car was moving at a speed of 70km/hour. He took his hand out but unfortunately, the pressure of the wind took his mobile phone away with it.

  1. Texting in Toilet

Texting in toilet is common and it is one of the reasons of water damaged mobile phones. A person was texting in the toilet when suddenly his phone rang. He got panicked and the phone slipped in the toilet.

  1. Phone Had a Conditioner

A woman kept her mobile phone on the shelf without knowing that there was a bottle of a conditioner right next to it with a loose cap. When she came back to take her phone, it was all covered in the conditioner and the phone had a permanent spot on the screen.

  1. Toddler’s Enemy

A man gave his phone to his toddler in order to play. The young devil smashed the mobile phone several times on the floor and the screen was damaged.

  1. Phone Dropped in the Pigsty

A man with his young daughter went to a farmhouse where they both were enjoying seeing pigs. The man’s mobile phone was in his shirt’s front pocket and it fell out in the pigsty. Till the caretaker of the farm was informed, the pigs already did there smashing job.

  1. The Back Pocket Break

A lady willingly wore her old tight jeans and kept her phone in her back pocket. The pocket was tight and while she was walking the phone popped out and dropped on the floor. The damage was nothing but several cracks on the screen.

  1. Magic Trick Went Wrong

A guy took his dad’s phone and smashed it with hammer, as he claimed to fix the phone magically. Unfortunately, the magic did not work.

  1. The Titanic Pose

A couple went on a boat trip and thought to take a selfie in a pose of Jack and Rose. The girl was holding the mobile and while they were both making themselves adjusted in the frame, the girl lost her grip and her mobile phone was on the boat’s floor and the screen was broken.

  1. Smashed by the Duvet

Sometimes luck plays an important role. A guy claimed that his mobile phone survived a run over by a giant rhino, but couldn’t resist the duvet, as he simply threw his phone from a very short distance. The phone screen was damaged.

  1. Phone Destruction by Stilettos

A woman stepped over her mobile phone without knowing its existence beneath her. A cracking sound drew her attention towards the ground and this is when she saw that her phone was beneath her stilettos.

  1. Brother Sister Fight

A family, of mother, father and their two children (brother and sister) were enjoying their summer holidays by the pool when the brother, in order to annoy his sister, tried to throw her in the pool. The little girl had her mobile phone in her hand and in panic she dropped her phone on the concrete sitting area. The phone’s screen was completely smashed.

  1. Energy Drinks Do Not Charge Mobile Phones

A guy accidentally spilled all the energy drink on his mobile phone. The phone was unable to read actions and it went blank.

  1. Leaving Phone on the Car’s Roof

A man left his mobile phone on the car’s roof without realizing that he has forgotten to pick the phone from the roof. As he drove the car, he heard a noise coming from the outside of his vehicle. When he checked, it was his mobile phone on the road and the screen was completely broke.

  1. The Drop Test

iPhone drop test are famous, but that doesn’t gives surety of the test’s success. In a similar incident, a man tried to do this little experiment and dropped his mobile phone from the height of his shoulders. The results were bad, as his phone’s body and screen was broke.

  1. Phone Dropped inside the Rabbit’s Burrow

A guy was walking with his dog on the street and bent a little to pick the stick in order to throw for his dog. His mobile phone was in his front pocket and as he was bent, the phone went inside the hole, which was next to the stick. The burrow was deep and he wasn’t able to find his phone.

  1. Single Phone Multiple Accidents

A guy accidentally washed his mobile phone as he didn’t know it was in his jeans pocket. The phone was water damaged. Few weeks later, after he repaired it, he accidentally dropped his phone on the road and a bus ran over it.

  1. Lost Her Mobile Phone While Painting

A guy lost his phone while painting his mother’s washroom. For unknown reasons, he dropped his phone in the toilet.

  1. The Golf Ball Hit

A man tried to teach his son to play golf. He placed his mobile phone on the ground besides the golf ball to avoid the phone falling out on the ground. He then asked his son to swing and hit the ball. His son hit his phone instead of the golf ball. The phone had multiple damages.

  1. Handstands, Concrete and Unzipped Pockets

A guy was trying to entertain his mates while doing the handstand tricks on a concrete floor. He didn’t know that his mobile phone was in his pocket and it was unzipped. While performing, the phone fell out of his pocket and it smacked on the concrete with screen facing towards it.

  1. Damaged by the Toilet Tiles

A man was shaving, so he decided to play songs in his mobile phone. He played his list and kept the phone on the back of the toilet. After a few moments, his phone rang and due to vibration, the phone fell on the toilet tiles.

  1. Crushed by the Airplane Seat

A woman dropped and lost her mobile phone under her airplane seat so she called the air hostess to help in finding her phone. The air hostess came and adjusted her seat when they both heard a cracking noise. It was the phone that was stuck in the mechanism of the seat and the screen was broke.

  1. Phone Dropped by the Children

A small child took his dad’s phone and dropped it on the ground for several times. When his father saw, he took his mobile phone from his child’s hand, but it was late, as the screen had several cracks on it.

  1. Poor Wall- The Mobile Phone Gave Her a Dent

A teenage girl, who was in a relationship, had a fight with her boyfriend. In anger, she threw her phone on the wall. The phone was completely broke and it also left a big dent on the wall.

  1. Phone Wasn’t a Cricket Ball

In a group of friends, a guy threw his phone to the other one, expecting his friend to catch his mobile phone like a pro cricketer. Unfortunately, he missed the catch and the phone screen was broke.

  1. Totally Unpacked to Totally Smashed

A guy just bought his new Blackberry. He unboxed it in front of his little kid. His little son reached the newly unpacked mobile phone and dropped it on the floor. It just took seven minutes to destroy a new mobile phone’s screen.

  1. Phone Drop in the Nappy

A mother was changing her little son’s diaper and she was holding her phone in the other hand. While she was changing, she lost control over the grip of her mobile phone and she dropped it. The screen was saved, but the phone was entirely covered in her little baby’s waste.

  1. Phone Smashing High Five

A father was holding his mobile phone in his hand when he made his mind to give high five to his son for some reason. Expectedly, the phone slipped out of his hands and fell on the ground. The rare and front body of the phone was damaged.

  1. Blame the Game

A woman installed games on her phone and gave it to her friend’s daughter. The little girl got so excited and involved in the game that she smashed the screen. Probably the game was Fruit Ninja.

  1. Phones Don’t Fly

In order to get attention of her husband, the lady threw away his phone from the first floor as her husband was down on the street. A few moments later her attention was on her broken mobile phone.

  1. The Washing Machine Incident

A guy threw his bundle of clothes in the washer without realizing that he left his phone in of his jeans’s pocket. After the clothes were soaked in the water and surf, he realized that he forgot his mobile phone in the jeans. The phone was badly water damaged.

  1. Sank Onboard

A boat sank but gladly everyone survived. A victim of this incident claimed that her mobile phone was in her handbag and it sank with all other important things of her. She further says that her handbag sank due to the heavy weight of the phone.

  1. Phone Broke by the Hoof

A father took his daughter for the horse riding lessons. He unknowingly dropped his mobile phone near the horse’s stable. After her daughter finished her lesson, he noticed that his phone was lying on the ground with a broken screen, as if the horses have stepped over it a few times.

  1. Phone Broken by the Heels

A girl, after getting all dressed up for a formal party, began to search for her mobile phone. She heard a noise of cracking and saw that her phone was under her heels and the screen was into pieces.

All these incidents are funny but they are full of enlightenment. So next time, make sure you take good care of your mobile phone or the consequences can be similar.

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