All Apple Happenings from the Recent Days

All Apple Happenings from the Recent Days

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In the last week’s Worldwide developers Conference of Apple, several recent updates have been introduced and discussed. The introduction of upcoming iOS 12, the launch of cheaper iPhone X, the Memojis, three cameras for iPhone and much more.

Here are these updates in detail:

As smart and advanced the iPhone is, it is highly expensive at the same time. It is rumored that iPhone might release its cheaper phone in late 2018. News is that iPhone is going to release an economical iPhone X that will cost you within the range of less than $600.

In contrast with the plans from last year by Apple, the company will be releasing only 20 percent of the pieces. It looks like some real battle between users while purchasing this phone.

The phone is said to be 6.1 inches only while the interesting thing is that the phone has only one camera on the rear, but you will get the facial recognition feature here. Unfortunately, there is no fingerprint Touch ID sensor in this model.

As the rumors suggest, this new iPhone model will come up with wireless charging, A12 chipset and speakers.

The all new and improved is 12

WWCD’s main concern was software this time. Earlier, the iOS 11 turned out to be a disaster that had many loopholes, hanging issues, and bugs, which were only making users edgy. Although, in the new software if you do not find anything extraordinary, you will find that it has steadiness.

Software like 11.3 and 11.4 had bugs in them, which were really annoying for the users and they still exist. Apple stated that they will emphasis on performance and stability in their future iOS 12. There were some major features that iPhone had to include in iOS 12, but they are delayed due to unknown reasons rather they will be released gradually throughout the year or might be included in iOS 13.

Memojis are a thing now!

3D emojis maybe not a new thing for smartphone users as Samsung has introduced them a time ago. Apple has moved a step further by introducing these Memojis that offers you to make your face in an animated form. They are sweet when you design them.

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Group FaceTime is huge now

You will be pleased to know that you can now FaceTime with more than 30 people now and this is possible in iOS 12. Not only that, you do not need to show your face while doing it as you can use your Memoji in it too.

Siri knows it better

Siri is so much understanding in this iOS 12 as it will provide you with all the information that you need as per your interest. The Shortcut app will alert you with the upcoming occasions and behaviors that are happening around you. Moreover, it will give you reminders of birthdays as well. She or he will remind you that you must inform your boss or colleagues about being late.

That sounds helpful, but let’s sees what will be the practical experience of having such vigilant Siri.

These were some of the latest leaks from Apple’s WWDC and we must wait till the software is officially launched.


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