Common iPhone Fixes Mistakes by Immature Technicians

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Is your iPhone screen broken, or have got some other problem? Are you looking now for a professional and experienced technician? Do you know how to differentiate between a mature and immature iPhone technician? Here are some of the most common iPhone fixes mistakes immature technicians do while repairing iPhones. Read them and get yourself known about the immature technicians you can come across in the market.

They May Forget to Peel off the Plastic

It is one of the most common mistakes done by immature or lazy technicians that they forget to peel off the plastic while repairing an iPhone. Some technicians even don’t know this thing that they have to remove the plastic. The situation gets worse when the little tag is also attached to it because the little tag may cause crush and pinch like problems for the users and can also permanently damage the LCD display.

They May Use Wrong Screw

Immature technicians can even use a wrong screw size because of lack of preparation or training issue. There are a number of screws sizes used in an iPhone and it requires a lot of experience and practice to fit each screw on its right place. Immature technicians mostly interchange screws with each other and cause problems for the users because this mistake can even permanently damage the parts of an iPhone.

They May Discard Protective Barriers

Yes, they can even discard protective barriers from the phone to make their work easier. The protective barriers play a great role in keeping the screws and parts save for longer and with their removal, risks are increased for the users.

They May Damage Your Battery

Whether you believe it or not, it is true that immature technicians can do any wrong with your phone. They may even damage the battery of your phone because they lack in experience. With their bad training and carelessness, they may simply put your phone in more danger.

They May Forget Transferring the Facecam Guide

As you know that there is a small clear plastic guide for the face camera that helps you moving around in wrong directions and keep the camera properly aligned. Unprofessional technicians may even forget to transfer the Facecam guide that will cause problems for you in future.

They May Miss Earpiece grille

It is one of the most common mistakes, mostly immature technicians do while repairing iPhones. The earpiece grille stops dirt and dust from entering in the phone and without it, dirt will surely make its way inside the phone and will damage its parts.

They May Use Wrong Tools

Because of lack of training, immature technicians may also use some wrong tools to repair your phone. Now, you can imagine about the consequences if your phone is repaired with a wrong tool.

So, must get your iPhone fixed from a professional iPhone repair center and give your phone in safer hands. Your phone is like your better half and you can’t afford to give to some immature hands just to save some money.

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