How to tell if your iPhone is suffering from ‘Touch Disease’, what is your choice

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Lots of iPhone users have been reporting the about their iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus phones freezing up all of a sudden and not responding to touch. This issue has been regarded by many as the “Touch disease.”
There happen to be a great number of iPhone users out there and if a particular number of iPhone device is affected, it most definitely means that there could be thousands of users that might likely be faced with this problem. Although, some evidence revealed that the problem might only be somewhat widespread.
This problem have not been officially accepted by Apple, however there autonomous iPhone repair dealers and Apple Store technicians mentioned that this issue is one of the most common issues that iPhone users come to fix. As at August and September, customers in Canada and California have filed proposed class action suits over this issue.

How can I tell if my phone has touch disease?
The most notable effect is a flickering grey bar seen at the top area of your iPhone screen. Some customers often report that after the flickering the entire screen turn out to be occasionally unresponsive.

What phones are affected?
At the moment, the most affected model is the iPhone6 plus models that was sold during the year 2014. One of the few assumptions people have about the “touch disease” is that some phone contacts are bending, which leads to them breaking. The assumption had it that since the iPhone 6 Plus was found to have the most criticisms about bending phone contacts, so it is believed that it the model which is having the most issues relating to touch disease. The touch disease issue has been reported in the iPhone6, iPhone6S, and iPhone6 plus also but not in many cases.

How much does it cost to get fixed?
In a situation where you have exceeded the warrantee period, then you have to pay a sum of $329 replacement cost. nevertheless, Motherboard spoke with some current and former Apple Store technicians saying that if your iPhone happens to be just a little out of its warrantee period, then a less expensive replacement cost will be charged perhaps $100 particularly for the fact that they will know it is not necessarily your fault.
You can choose to fix it at a third party repair shop like iRepair which might be cheaper for you. But you have to be careful, because it is not easy to repair. And you have to be aware that when you take your phone to a third party for repairs, Apple store would not accept if for repair if you bring it to them late on.

Can I fix it myself?
It is unlikely that you would be able to fix it yourself except you happen to be very good at soldering.

What I am to know when bringing my phone to the Apple Store?
In a situation where you have a cracked phone, you might think it is due to the cracks that your phone is not responding to touch. The truth is, it could actually be as a result of the touch disease also. And the problem might not be fixed by just replacing the cracked screen if it has the touch disease. As a matter of fact, you might change to a new screen and still notice that it is unresponsive to your touch.
Another thing is, if Apple gives you a device for replacement, it might just be refurbished, and could still have the touch disease problem. The refurbished that is being given to you have only a 90days warranty, which means you will have to check out for touch disease issues before you run out of warranty.

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What’s the actual technical problem?

Based on the class action lawsuit that was filed not too long, which cites iFixit, it is said that the problem is with the logic board of the phone, which is the main circuit board inside the iPhone being used by every Apple chips to talk to each other.
There are 2 “IC” chips (in purple boxes) on the board which helps to turn the touches on the screen into actions in Apple’s iPhone software.” It does seem that the logic board gets to bend in the process of regular use resulting from the engineering fault on the iPhone6 plus, it causes the connections between the two IC chips to be separated from the logic board as the solder holding them together breaks. What you then have to do is either for you to replace the logic board completely or to re-solder the IC chips back onto the logic board.

My phone’s a lemon. Can I sue Apple?
You can. Class action lawsuits have been filed by lawyers in both Canada and the US based on the issue, although none of the suit has been “certified” yet. Another thing is that class action law suit as this one rarely succeed, and when they do, it could take years to complete.

Has apple said anything about the Issue?
Apple is yet to say a thing about the problem. However, some former Apple employees have actually come out to say that the company will surely be aware because of the internal recommendations for repairs. Apple has been contacted by business insider on three occasions for their statement on the issue but are yet to receive a reply.

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