Samsung ordered to pay $533 for copying iPhone design

Samsung ordered to pay $533 for copying iPhone design

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Samsung is ordered by a U.S Jury to pay $533 for stealing iPhone design and many other features that have been in some way successful to make Samsung a prominent seller in smartphone industry.

The battle isn’t new; it has prolonged since 2011 since Apple has continued claiming about major loses due to iPhone’s patent features being stolen by Samsung.  Recently Apple raised its voice when they observed a clear copying of grid of the colored icons, which solely belonged to iPhone.  During the argument, Apple won the victory and it was declared for a prolonged battle that Samsung has to pay $533 to Apple in order to overcome loss.

In 2012, when Apple opposed that Samsung has copied major of its patent features the Jury summoned  that Samsung should pay $1.05 billion to Apple, but it was reduced to  $548 dollars by the district court Judge Lucy Koh.

The issue proceeded and again it was brought to US Supreme court when Apple demanded that it owed more than $1 billion dollars whereas Samsung demanded that $399 should be chopped off to $28 million.

With the recent twist, the arguments all held resulted in favor of Apple, where it was clear that including two of its patent features ‘bounce back’ and ‘ tap-to-zoom’ features.

Apple thanked the Jury for making Samsung pay back for copying iPhone products. Though Samsung has been doing it for past few years but now it has reached the threshold level.

Apple believed that iPhone was the bet-the-company project for the company and Samsung has simply violated the laws by illegally copying its major features just for the sake of alluring customers to buy the competitive products.  Apple is widely believed to bring the smartphone revolution with its iPhone and that Samsung has abruptly stolen major iPhone features.

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