samsung s8 problems and solutions

Samsung S8 Problems and Solutions

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Sleek design, infinity display and great performance, every Samsung phone unveils with flawless features making everyone excited about new revelation. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is another gorgeous invention with new bezel less design, infinite display and metal and glass construction. Unfortunately, some issues have been faced by the users since its launch. Based on our experience, we have compiled some of the most common issues you could be having with your Galaxy S8 with possible solutions to fix them.

Fingerprint scanner not sensing finger

The Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner seems to be causing several issues due to its bizarre placement right next to the camera sensor. At the time of unlocking the phone, you either miss the scanner completely or hit the camera. Fingerprint scanner don’t always recognize notification gesture.

Fix- A temporary fix to this issue is to perform the simple reboot or you can use alternate ways to offset the poor fingerprint scanner. The iris scanning tech from Note 7 is much faster option. Facial recognition can also be used to get rid of this issue.

Facial Detection does not work

After receiving an update in April, the face detection feature of Galaxy S8 has stopped working. The face recognition refuses to work even after multiple attempts.

Fix- It is technically possible to get rid of this issue through software updates. It is recommended to clear cache, reboot and update all apps to make it running smoothly.

WI-FI Disconnecting or Slowing Down

Some users have reportedly struggling to get Wi-Fi work properly on their Galaxy S8. It connects initially and runs at good speed but after a while it disconnects or slows down inexplicably.

Fix- However, this problem has been acknowledged by Samsung and a patch is in progress. Samsung has released a software update to fix the WiFi problem. If your software update does not fix the issue, first try rebooting your phone by holding down the button on the right side of the device. You can also reset your phone by going into your Settings app.

Forcing the Phone to Use Quad HD

Samsung Galaxy S8 has a beautiful quad HD display to deliver sharp visuals. It also has the ability to run the screen in different resolutions. Unfortunately, you might lose some valuable pixels on a particular video after rotating it. In an attempt to prolong the battery life of the S8, the compromise has been made on phone resolution.

Fix- It is easy to switch the resolution backup. If you want to access the settings again, then tap onto the Display button and choose Screen Resolution in the pane and slide it to WQHD+. However, this may affect your phone’s battery life.

Apps Freeze

Galaxy S8 might freeze for one reason or another. You might have installed a bad app or something in software is causing your phone to seize up. Whatever the case, your phone may stop working and you would not be able to use the home button or any other key to get back to the work you were doing.

Fix- The fix to this problem is a soft reset. Simply restart your phone. If your device is totally unresponsive, hold the power button down for ten seconds and then reset your phone. You should then be able to access your apps once the phone restarts.

Have you been facing any of above mentioned issues in your Galaxy S8 and found any other effective way to resolve them? Share with us in comments below.


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