The iPhone XR is Apple Best-Selling iPhone

The iPhone XR is Apple’s ‘Best-Selling’ iPhone

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Apple has launched a series of sophisticated, most advanced and up to date models recently. The iPhone X series has seen many inclusions to this line where signature phones are also added to catch the attention of the iPhone users worldwide. So far, the response of these new series has been applauding and the iPhone lovers are much excited in also somewhat busy in getting hands on with their favorite iPhone models and the wide colors range as never seen before. Of all this, the iPhone XR is Apple’s ‘Best-Selling’ iPhone among its users and most likable with very low criticism by the opponents.

According to Forbes reports on Dec 1, 2018, iPhone XR has seen huge sales trends which have almost hurt the sales of iPhone XS and iPhone X Max. The following week, Greg Joswiak who handles the product marketing department of Apple and heads as Vice President confirmed this news to Reuters that iPhone XR which is cheaper than the iPhone XS for about $250 has genuinely become the company’s most mainstream product and also ranked as the most popular iPhone among the newly launched series of iPhone X.  Joswiak has reportedly happily that “Since the iPhone XR became available, it’s been the best-selling iPhone each and every day that it’s been on sale”.

Getting hands on to the most probable key reasons which are believed to make iPhone XR as the best-selling iPhone since its launch October 26 are:

Comparative Pricing:

iPhone XR is considered to be best affordable at $749 with 64GB capacity among the other “iPhone X” lineup released this year. Comparative pricing makes iPhone XR $250 cheaper than the equivalent other models iPhones released altogether which include iPhone XS at $999, and iPhone XS Max which is $1099.

Better value:

iPhone XR is home to almost all new key features which makes this model most straitening and out breaking than the other related equivalent models. It has the following key features:

  • Faster processor
  • Face ID
  • Wireless charging
  • Wide-angle and front-facing cameras

iPhone XR is also a powerhouse with overall better battery life and a choice of colors in its versions with an inclusion of LCD display brighter than the OLED screen placed in expensive models of iPhones.

iPhone XR is also endorsed by celebrities without becoming brand ambassadors. Internationally many famous personalities are seen carrying and showing off their iPhone XR among their activities and hang outs, this shows the immense hit of the model and becoming a “Super-Star” itself. Very surely, iPhone is not thinking of spending any extra budget on the advertisement of iPhone XR as it is itself a “pull product” by its users and very much liked by the iPhone lovers. The color variants have also enabled the sassy users to pick and choose their favorite colors and also a gender specific color that suit for them. On the whole iPhone XR is a hit-hit product and a win-win situation for both Apple and its users!!

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