The role of iPhone in Augmented Reality

The role of iPhone in Augmented Reality

February 18, 2019 8:43 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Augmented reality is all over in the news. In terms of technology and marketing, AR is playing a vital role. Many business and tech associates have taken a step forward to deal with new technology trends. However, AR is the fastest growing technology these days. So, observing the growth, iPhone couldn’t be left behind and they are now working on to launch a new phone. It will take photography and 3D concept to the very next level.

A report from Bloomberg states that: “Apple’s 2020 iPhone lineup may include advanced 3D cameras as part of an ongoing effort to push the envelope with respect to augmented reality and mobile photography.”

This seems good news for many iPhone users and also for those who are still thinking about it. We all know that the camera quality of the iPhone has enhanced in past years. Now, all we have to see that the iPhone will go for it or it will remain just in the news.

The iPhone with 3D sensors is making it amazing for everyone. Online shopping will be easy and more people can take good decisions with proper look and feel of something. So, isn’t it cool? Well, iPhone users will have to wait for this till 2020 as a company don’t seem to announce these features in the features lined up for 2019.

AR is interpreting the real world according to your imagination. The complete concept of look and feel the change when your apps use this latest technology. The executive officer of Apple, Tim Crook appreciated it and has a team of people working on 3D based AR camera to launch in the iPhones in 2020.

Now, it is possible that you will just need an app to implement augmented reality. It is bringing many reforms in the business sector and making lives easier. If you’re looking for new iPhone models, I would suggest you wait for 2020. Stay tuned to the news because if they implement AR in iOS, it is going to change the whole level of mobile phones marketing level.

So, start saving for an ideal phone. Prepare yourself to catch up with the latest technology in the iPhone. It is time to experience the cool trends and enjoy the augmented reality. It will facilitate many people by helping them in the selection of anything through a real-world connection.

You might be thinking that this is already in the market and people are already switching their business ideas to AR. It is not, the market still lacks the concept of 3D models in real depth. In photography, it might have touch little bit to the AR but experts are still improvising it and were anxiously waiting for these trends to become reality. Architectural designs, cosmetics, car choice, shoes and even measurements of anything can be done through an iPhone. For now, it all has the practical value but the engineers are working to make it even more accurate. So, wait until you get the iPhone in your own hands in 2020.

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