iRepair offers a service called Face2Face repair which helps you watch their engineers as they repair your iPhone. Their goal is to be as trustworthy and transparent as possible to their customers, and this is why they decided to offer this kind of service.

iRepair is here to repair any kind of damage on your iPhone as you watch. Most of their customers have praised their services as they are exceptional. Do you want to repair your iPhone in the shortest time possible and at the lowest cost? iRepair is here to provide you with that.

At iRepair, your time is more valuable and this is why they decided to come up with this program. Your iPhone will be repaired in the shortest time possible by their highly trained and experienced engineers. They also value your pocket very much. Come and get exceptional iPhone repair services at the lowest cost possible. You don’t have to leave your iPhone and come for it the following day. You will come with it damaged but go home with it in excellent working condition! Customer satisfaction is our first priority!