Water Damage Repair (cannot power on)

There is no way to determine the repair cost, as the set needs to be cleaned up and go through a full diagnosis. After the diagnose we can determine the repair scope and whether it requires basic or advanced work. Do not keep the water damaged set unrepaired for long periods, corrosion/ rust may set into the component. This will cause further damage to the motherboard. Only after the diagnosis, customer will be given a breakdown on the specific repair fee. We have successfully resurrected alot of water damaged mobile phones. See our Facebook feedbacks.

Most other repair centres will charge you a clean up fee. After which if damage is found to be on the chip level, they will inform you to change motherboard or that the mobile phone cannot be repaired.

Tips: Do not try to power on the phone after a water spill or submersion. This will short circuit the board, causing further damage. Bring the set to us for a clean up immediately. Do not leave the phone unrepaired for 2-3 days or attempt to dehydrate it through methods such as leaving it in rice.

Dead sets due to Power Management (PM) IC issue

Other repair centres will tell you that either they do not have the skill to change or they will tell you that even after you have changed, there is no guarantee it can work. They will also tell you to change motherboard.

We have the equipment, expertise to diagnose and repair PM ic. All repairs come with 2 months warranty. We have alot of happy customers with their phones resurrected and data intact.

Badly dented external case (esp. iPad and iTouch)

Since the touchscreen is placed on top of the case, so for customer who have badly dented cases, there will be a fitting issue. We will try our best to knock the dented external case back in place.

Advanced repair works

iRepair believes in recycling and reuse. Most mobile phones can be repaired, unless incase of cracked motherboard or corrosion. We are one of the very few repair labs in Singapore that have the knowledge and skill to handle advanced repair works in-house. Most online repair centers can only handle basic repair like changing of touchscreen, charging ribbon, home button, battery, etc and with limited skill and workmanship for iPhone and iPad.

Can I supply my own parts?

Yes, you can supply your own parts but repair will not include any warranty. Customers are usually attracted by low sticker prices of replacement parts on online websites but they don’t always look the way they are advertised. They are not the kind of quality that we pride ourselves on. We always use top quality parts and also guarantee our workmanship.

What if my phone does not get repaired? 

You would not get a bill. We do not charge for unsuccessful repairs. We believe that if our experts cannot fix your phone, you shall not have to pay a single penny towards the work performed. We have no repair no charge policy. We don’t charge any amount to customers if the issue in your device is not repairable. Diagnosis of the device is free of cost.

What if my device is diagnosed for other issues apart from the one provided by me?

If our professionals will discover any additional issue, they will let you know. The repairing procedure will proceed only after your consent and approval has been received. We don’t repair any gadgetry without customer’s consent.

Do you accept warranty sets?

Yes we do repair warranty phones. However, if your phone is under warranty, we highly recommend that you claim or get an opinion from the manufacturer first because any repair not done by the manufacturer will usually void your warranty.

How long will it take to fix my shattered iPhone screen?

We usually repair phones in your presence to ensure complete transparency. The normal turnaround time for most phones is about 20 minutes. Our experts diagnose, tear down, rebuild and test your phone in that time duration. We value your time and understand the need of your phone.