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Apple’s line of iDevices, while extremely powerful, can be just as fragile. They are comprised of a variety of parts that interact with each other, and each individual component could fail from any kind of damage. Anyone without a warranty knows that for an iPad repair cost can be unreasonable, and sometimes places which service iPad devices return it with problems.

When it comes to iPad repair Singapore residents are lucky – iRepair is a conveniently located Prinsep Street iPad repair shop, and one of the best possible places to bring your device if it is out of warranty or the damage is not covered. If you are wondering where to fix iPad problems, this is the only store you will need. All of the following repairs and more are covered:

Software repair
Hardware button repair
Cracked screen replacement
Network repair
Water damage repair
Camera repair
Battery repair

Many of these operations cannot be performed onsite by most repair centers; they will either outsource the repairs or simply turn you down. In addition, iRepair is one of the cheapest, best, and most trusted locations in the area. Repair times can vary anywhere from under an hour to a week depending on the severity of the issue. For short repairs, a comfortable lounge area with various accommodations can be utilized if you wish to wait. Read on for more information about iPads, and if you need any kind of iPad repair in Singapore, do not hesitate to take the trip to iRepair!

Progressive iPad comparison

Each iPad model in its line builds upon the last one. The main lines of iPads are simply iPad and iPad Mini. The original line’s four sequential models measure up as suchr:

● Original iPad:
○ Moderate resolution at 1024×768 pixels
○ Standard 16 to 64 GB of internal storage
○ 256 MB RAM and 1 Ghz CPU
○ 9.7 inch screen display
○ 3G Network capability
○ WiFi connectivity
● iPad 2
○ Slightly better CPU (A5 instead of A4)
○ Double the RAM
○ A camera
● iPad 3
○ Double the resolution, introducing the retina LCD
○ Slightly better CPU (A5X)
○ Exchanges 3G for 4G LTE
● iPad 4
○ Up to 128 GB of storage
○ Much better CPU (1.4Ghz A6X)
○ Double the RAM

The iPad Mini comes into the arena at about the same place as the iPad 3:

● iPad Mini with retina LCD
○ 7.9 inch screen display
○ 2048 x 1536 resolution
○ Apple A7 CPU
○ WiFi connectivity
○ 4G LTE capabilities
○ Up to 128 GB of storage
○ 512 MB of RAM
● iPad Mini 2
○ Superior WiFi connectivity
○ 1GB of RAM
○ Faster CPU

It is worth noting that the original Mini showed a larger gap between itself and the Mini 2.

Common iPad issues for all models

Problems after updating iOS – this is a notorious issue with iDevices of all kinds. It is not clear why, but many users report their iPad freezing, becoming very slow, or changing all of their photos to empty black images. All of these issues can be fixed by the experts at iRepair.
Fall damage – dropping your iPad is never good, but accidents happen and the damage can be fixed most of the time. Whether your screen has cracked, your case was dented, a button was jammed, or an internal component was knocked loose, it is far less costly to repair iPad models than to simply buy a new device, even at refurbished price.
Water damage – especially for the motherboard, water damage can sometimes be fatal for your precious iPad. Turning it on or attempting to charge it after can instantly short circuit parts or the entire device. There is only one sure way to fix a water damaged iPad, and it is not an easy process – do not believe the myths you may have heard.
Wear and tear – simply put, all technology has a limited lifespan. Using your iPad frequently, pressing hardware buttons repeatedly every day over the course of a year, and recharging your iPad up to or over the estimated battery life span of 1,000 charge cycles could all contribute to predictable and inevitable damage. Sometimes there is no accident – parts just need to be replaced or maintained. At the best iPad repair center Singapore has, replacing old parts is far cheaper than any other location.

ipad-pro-repair-singaporeSelf repair risks

You may have seen YouTube videos or long tutorials on how to painstakingly take apart each component of your iPad in order to change a single component. Even if you think it looks easy or manageable, it is best not to risk a self repair. Even nudging a piece slightly out of place could cause an important part of the iPad to become unstable, and sometimes users end up doing more damage this way. Your tablet keeps all of your information, entertainment, and socializing in one place – it deserves expert care from iRepair.

5 cool iPad facts

1. Apple’s line of iPads make up just barely less than one third of all tablet purchases worldwide.
2. To-date, over 75 billion apps have been downloaded from iTunes to iPads.
3. iPad sales have risen steadily since their release in 2010.
4. Last holiday season (first quarter of the United States fiscal year – October 1st to December 31st) iPads alone brought in over $11 billion in revenue worldwide. That’s about $2,000 for each citizen in Singapore. Over this period of four months, that averages out to about $92 million every day, $3.8 million every hour, $63,300 every minute, or an incredible $1,050 every second.
5. The iPad’s selection of security apps remains extremely limited to this day. This is primarily because the way its memory is designed reduces the possibility of attacks and damage caused by successful attacks inherently. Nonetheless, with the rise of iPad showing no signs of slowing, it could become a prime target for hackers.

Apple’s line of iDevices, while extremely powerful, can be just as fragile. They are comprised of a variety of parts that interact with each other, and each individual component could fail from any kind of damage. Anyone without a warranty knows that for an iPad repair cost can be unreasonable,…

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