iPad Water Damage Board Repair

The motherboard, also called the logic board or shortened to mobo, is the core unit which allows components in the iPad to communicate with each other and function as a whole system. Various ICs, or Integrated Circuits, are installed in each iPad that perform different functions. These are:

● Power Management IC: manages the battery, regulates the voltage, and deals with all manners of charging the unit. Sometimes called the Charging IC.
● eMMC IC: embedded Multi-Media Card. This circuit is your internal storage and is comparable to a Solid State Drive in speed. As the name suggests, it is embedded in the motherboard, whereas other MMCs can be removed (commonly called “memory cards”).
● Display IC: controls all aspects of the system’s Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). Also commonly called the Display Driver.
● Audio IC: controls all aspects of delivering audio to (and from) the iPad.
● Wifi IC: this is your Wifi antenna. It is what allows you to find connections, send and receive data, and in combination with a pair of headphones can receive FM radio signals (great for weather emergencies).

Most common causes of water damage – watch out for these situations!

● Glass of water, wine, or other beverage near your iPad, especially during a social gathering – someone can easily bump the table or nudge the glass with a coat.
● Dropped in sink while using iPad in kitchen for recipes – either keep your iPad far away from the sink, or purchase a stand to secure it in place.
● Placed in bag with leaky water bottle/container with great amounts of condensation – put either your iPad or your bottle(s) of water in a sealed plastic bag.
● Children – even the most responsible children can make mistakes sometimes, leaving an iPad out in the rain or having some other incident while playing. Try to be aware of your surroundings.

Effects of water damage

● Cannot power on – this may be due to a damaged or shorted power management IC. If you powered on your iPad after the water damage, this is likely the case.
● Cannot charge, charger is hot, or other charge issue – either the charging IC was damaged, or the charging jack is corroded. In the case of corrosion, a repair may be fairly easy if it is brought to a professional in a timely manner. You may also see the Apple logo blink on and off repeatedly while it is plugged in, as if the device is trying to start over and over.
● Audio is garbled or headphones do not work – either a short in the audio IC, or corrosion in the audio jack.
● Water spots trapped under the screen – while this is annoying, it can also lead to more significant problems later, once again, due to corrosion. They can be removed fairly easily by a professional. Once again: do NOT try the rice trick! This will damage your phone further!

What to do in the event of water damage

1. Immediately turn off your iPad and remain calm. You may have heard some myths about sapping water from an electronic device by placing it in a bag of rice, using a blow dryer on it, and others – do not attempt any of these as you make harm your iPad further.
2. Dry off any water on the surface with a soft cloth (careful not to scratch your screen).
3. Do NOT turn it back on. You may be tempted to see if it still works, but powering on the device or charging it will almost certainly result in a fried motherboard. If you want to check for damage, look for the water damage indicators located in the charging jack and audio jack. You may need a magnifying glass to see them clearly. Normally, they are white at the end, but when water damage is detected they will turn red.
4. Bring your device to iRepair immediately if possible. The longer you wait, the more potential for damage. Regardless of whether or not your damage indicators are shown, it is good to have it checked out – the indicators do not always successfully detect damage.
5. iRepair will perform a chemical cleaning to stop the corrosion and remove the moisture from your iPad.
6. The professionals will examine your device and give you a diagnosis. The repairs can then proceed.

ipad-water-damage-repairDon’t trust just anyone!

Motherboard repairs are usually very complex in nature and require the skill of a seasoned expert. Anyone who is less competent may end up damaging other components. iRepair, located on Prinsep street, is one of the few repair centers in Singapore that does not outsource its logic board repairs – most service centers simply do not have staff with the proper training to handle it. Some repairs take as little as an hour, or you can leave it with us for more delicate operations and we’ll give you a call within a week. If your motherboard needs attention, stop by iRepair today!

Singapore iPad water damage warranty information

Unfortunately, there is no water damage warranty for the iPad in Singapore. In fact, Apple does not provide this for any country. In addition, your previous warranty may be rendered useless in the event of water damage, so even if your screen is cracked you cannot get it replaced.

Did you know?

● About two-fifths of all iPad users use their devices in the kitchen most of the time.
● More and more companies are developing free apps with in-app purchases and advertising, as it is often many times more lucrative than paid apps.
● Most iPad users are male.
● In the first three years of its release, the iPad doubled its user base each year.
● Web browsing has been the number one most-used function of iPads since they were released in 2010.
● Children born at or after the turn of the millennium are highly likely to prefer an iPad over any other device for playing games and general entertainment.

The motherboard, also called the logic board or shortened to mobo, is the core unit which allows components in the iPad to communicate with each other and function as a whole system. Various ICs, or Integrated Circuits, are installed in each iPad that perform different functions. These are: ● Power…

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