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iPhone 7 Plus Fast Battery Draining, Overheating, Screen Replacement & 3D Touch Repair

The iPhone 7 Plus is a redesigned Apple flagship smartphone that many had anticipated for in a long time. It is a top-of-the-range phone with just about everything you need in a truly smart phone including notable performance enhancements, hardware upgrades, an advanced camera that can take pictures in low light, a faster processor, and so much more.

iPhone 7 Plus Specs and Key Features

The iPhone 7 Plus comes in five cute finishes namely black, jet black, gold, rose gold, and silver. It has an internal memory capacity range of 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB, which is often more than you’ll ever need. It is a slim lightweight phone weighing just 6.63 ounces or 188 grams. Its curved 5.5-inch screen features retina HD display, Multi-Touch, and 1920×1080-pixel resolution at 401 ppi. The screen has a wide color display, zoom display, and a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating for added protection.

The phone’s 12MP camera can take clear pictures even in low light conditions. It has optical image stabilization, six-element lens, a Quad-LED True Tone flash and a backside illumination sensor among other functional features. The iPhone 7 Plus comes with a stronger battery that can last up to 1 hour longer than the iPhone 6 Plus battery. Its newly redesigned Home button has a built-in fingerprint sensor.

Despite its impressive features and functionalities, the iPhone 7 Plus is not without a few glitches and malfunctions. It is highly recommended that if your phone ever runs into a serious malfunction, avoid DIY remedies and take it to a reliable iPhone 7 Plus repair Singapore shop. Having said that, let’s now talk about some of the common problems reported by iPhone 7 Plus users and what you need to know about each iPhone 7 Plus fix.

A vulnerable cover for the Jet Black model

Most iPhone 7 Plus shoppers were drawn by the beautiful jet black model after the phone was launched. It was such a popular choice that by November all jet black models had already been sold-out in the US. However, one of the major issues with the iPhone 7 Plus jet black model is that it scratches quite easily. You’ll notice that after a few days of use, the phone has micro-abrasions on the back.

Potential Solution

  • You can always grab a protective case to keep the phone free from abrasions
  • If the damage is already extensive, then consider getting an iPhone 7 Plus cover replacement from a reputable repair center in Singapore.

Fast Draining Battery

The iPhone 7 Plus is powered by a powerful battery but as you keep on using the phone over time, especially when you install a boat-load of apps every day while sending thousands of GIFs via iMessage, your strong battery will begin draining faster.


Potential Solutions

  • Use your phone’s battery wisely. Avoid overloading it when it goes below 50%.
  • The problem could be caused by errant apps running in the background. To solve this turn off Background App Refresh from the settings section.
  • If your battery capacity keeps declining drastically, then you may need to have it replaced at Apple if you still have a warranty or at a good iPhone 7 Plus repair Singapore center.

iPhone 7 Plus Overheating When Charging

All smart phones tend to become warm when charging or when you are playing a game that is graphically intensive. However, they should not heat to almost burning levels. Some areas that tend to overheat when charging include the back panel and volume controls.

Solution for overheating iPhone 7 Plus

  • If the phone overheats while you are playing a graphically intensive game, the wisest thing to do is shut off the game and let the phone cool down
  • If the phone heats while charging to a point where it feels like it can cause burns on your skin, unplug it and take it back to Apple or to a Singapore iPhone repair center such as iRepair for further examination and repair.

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Fix and Replacement

There are several reasons why you may require an iPhone 7 Plus screen replacement. If you drop your phone and probably cracked the touch screen as well as the LCD, then you’ll need to replace the damaged screen with a new one. An iPhone 7 Plus LCD repair may be costly. Cracked iPhone screens are also quite common. Any iPhone that is not protected by a strong case will develop spider web cracks on its screen when it is dropped from a distance of two feet or more landing face down. The damage may not be as severe if it lands on its side. The glass may also get cracked so you will need iPhone 7 Plus glass replacement.

Possible Solutions

You may still be able to use a phone with a cracked screen, as you have probably seen many people do, but remember the cracked screen makes the phone vulnerable to further damage when water or dust penetrates the interior parts of the device. You could end up ruining your phone’s motherboard and rendering it completely useless.


iPhone 7 Plus 3D Touch Issues

The iPhone 7 Plus comes with 3D Touch function which allows you to open shortcuts and features simply by making hard presses on the screen. Sometimes, the 3D Touch pops up too fast or does not open shortcuts.


If you are having problems with 3D Touch, you can adjust the feature’s sensitivity from the settings tab. If this does not work, take the phone to Apple or a reputable Singapore iPhone 7 Plus repair center for further examination and repair.

Apple Service Pricing

In Singapore, Apple provides repairs for its products, whether they still have a warranty cover or not. However, keep in mind that you’ll have to pay $219 for an iPhone 7 Plus screen replacement and $499 for any other additional repairs. The entire repair process may take days to be completed and is subject to their terms and conditions.

If your iPhone 7 Plus develops a problem, your best option is to take it to iRepair in Singapore. At iRepair, all types of repairs including screen or battery replacements are done at a more affordable cost than other repair shops. Best of all, your device will be repaired efficiently within an hour depending on the flow of customers. Read more about iRepair iPhone services at their Facebook and Google+ pages.

iPhone 7 Plus Fast Battery Draining, Overheating, Screen Replacement & 3D Touch Repair The iPhone 7 Plus is a redesigned Apple flagship smartphone that many had anticipated for in a long time. It is a top-of-the-range phone with just about everything you need in a truly smart phone including notable…

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