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Consumers of Apple have a strong sense of brand loyalty. It’s no wonder that when the iPhone 7 was released, millions of users flocked to the Apple Stores. As what you can expect from Apple, the new iPhone 7 comes with outstanding upgrades. It’s got a bigger screen and longer battery life. Apple is also proud to announce its biggest iPhone7 innovations – splash proof, better camera features, and an innovative headphone technology. And yet, just like any other product in the market, some units are bound to have factory defects. This is especially true with iPhone 7’s glass screen. Common reported problems are multi-touch issues, dead pixels, and screen digitizer defects. Screens that are not responsive or “barely responsive” are also common.

iphone-7-screen-repair-singaporeApple is aware of these common screen issues. While Apple has a superb customer service, the company is still unable to fix all customer-reported problems due to the large volume.

The Screen Freeze

Only weeks after the first release of the iPhone 7, a common screen issue instantly emerged in the forums and in the social media sites. Users dub it as the screen freeze.

This problem is characterized by the screen’s failure to respond to touch and sometimes, it simply freezes for no reason. Also, users reported that as the unit ages, the occurrence of the “screen freeze” increased in frequency. The common cause of the “screen freeze” is the malfunction of the logic board. While Apple engineered the iPhone 7 to be as durable as it can while staying light, some users may have shaken the board too much. In other cases, the fault may be traced back to the handling from the factory to the retailer. A plain factory defect is also a big possibility.

As the iPhone 7 is exposed to shocks, the touch connectors are then strained. As result, they may loosen or even disconnect from the logic board.

Some people have claimed that they have fixed the problem by applying pressure to certain areas of the screen. While this may temporarily solve the problem, it is something that you don’t want to do with an expensive device that has delicate internal parts.

iPhone 7 Screen Cracks Repair

Another common issue that keeps surfacing is the sudden appearance of screen cracks. Something like this happens when the phone is subjected to mechanical damage, like the accidental dropping of the phone or dropping something heavy on it. However, some users reported that neither happened and yet the cracks started appearing especially in the area around the home screen button.

iPhone 7 boasts an advanced screen technology with a strong Gorilla glass covering. The phone has actually 3 layers that appear to be just one. A problem in any of the layers can explain the sudden screen cracks.

The cracking of iPhone 7’s screen is not an isolated case. This is becoming more and more common because the screen sizes keep getting bigger and bigger. An iPhone 7 has a resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels and its screen has an oleophobic coating. It also has a multi-touch display with an IPS technology. Although it comes with a Gorilla glass that is strong, it is weaker compared to the older generations because of its size.

Most Common Screen Issues with the iPhone 7

Crack glass – This will result to flickering, no display, blank display, dead pixels, discoloration, blotches, and unresponsiveness. The most common cause of a screen crack is a drop on a hard surface.

Burn marks – will only appear if the device has been used for an extended period of time. If the issue does not go away after a couple of days, a replacement is needed for the screen.

Touch issue – if the device is non-responsive, the LCD must have been detached which was caused by immense pressure or drop. However, it can also be an app that is causing the malfunction. If it is not a software problem, a screen replacement is the solution.

Liquid damage – this is when it is dropped in a sink, toilet, or tub. Water marks and white spots will surface.

Other Common iPhone 7 Screen Problems

Aside from the two very common issues listed above, there are also other less known screen issues. A few examples are:

  • No display of charge icon
  • Sudden phone restarts
  • Problems with the screen rotation feature
  • Abnormally large icons without users changing the settings

iPhone 7 Screen Repair Cost Singapore

In the past, you can simply visit the nearest Apple store and obtain an iPhone 7 screen repair service $219+ with conditions. It’s worth mentioning that this route will most likely cost you a couple hundred dollars.

Your iPhone 7 screen may be exhibiting any of the numerous known issues, but there is one thing that you shouldn’t be doing and that’s attempting to fix iPhone 7 screen on your own. While the Internet is littered with DIY screen repair videos, keep in mind that your iPhone 7 is not intended to be repaired by the average user. This is because the screen has a lot of built-in security checks in various areas. Also, the circuit trajectory is too complex for an untrained individual.

Your best solution is to rely on professionals. If you need repair iPhone 7 screen Singapore, then iRepair Singapore may be one of the top choice. For more information u can refer to your Facebook page at www.facebook.com/irepairsg

Award Winning iPhone 7 Screen Repair & Replacement Services SG Consumers of Apple have a strong sense of brand loyalty. It's no wonder that when the iPhone 7 was released, millions of users flocked to the Apple Stores. As what you can expect from Apple, the new iPhone 7 comes…

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