iPhone Button Repair

The iPhone is hailed as a revolutionary device in terms of navigation.  It makes use of a single button (the home button) to control various actions.  These include: returning to the home screen by pressing it once, unlocking the device with the latest touch ID technology, launching Siri by holding the button, and displaying a list of running applications by pressing it twice.

In the pass, Apple iPhone 4 and 4s had decide to secure the actual Home button to the display assembly with a rubber gasket and some adhesive surrounding it. The underlying cable went untouched for the most part. It connected to the dock connector and wove through the mid-frame to the front where the Home button sat on top of it. As Home button is the most common usage on the iPhone its get depressed and flattens and thus prone to failures. However, this problem can be annoying.

Apple include a “Assistive Touch” in iOS, which allow users whom Home button is malfunctioning to use on-screen, virtual controls. If you can’t get use to the on-screen touch, we can fix it for you.

One of the primary reasons for switching over to software buttons in smartphones is that hardware buttons accumulate wear rather quickly.  Since they are constantly being pressed, they just act as another part that can be broken by heavy use.  With all of the features of the home button, it is used quite often and may need frequent repairs.

Buttons are, in general, easy to replace or repair.  The volume buttons, power button, silent button and home button are the simplest; home button ribbon replacement in particular takes the least time and effort.  Hardware buttons may become unresponsive due to either damage to the button itself or the ribbon inside the iPhone.

A damaged iPhone home button can be especially problematic sometimes due to the Apple iPhone 5s unique Touch ID system.  This system requires that the Touch ID sensor in the phone can only be used by that phone, meaning that replacement parts are of no use.

Some speculate that the Touch ID sensor chip is linked to the processor of the phone at the moment that it is attached and the unit is powered on.  This chip is then permanently linked to that processor.

Of course, the Touch sensor in the iPhone home button is the same as the fingerprint sensor; without this chip, you cannot unlock your phone.  Most likely, Apple has put this system in place to prevent people from gaining access to the content of stolen phones by replacing the hardware.  As such it may be possible to replace the Touch sensor with a factory-new sensor.

iPhone 7 is not really a button?

it’s just a touch-sensitive area with a fingerprint reader, and it’s powered by a taptic engine. Choose your click at the initial setup of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, you come across the option to “ Choose your click” . Adjust the intensity of the simulated home button click. There are three options to choose from: light (1), medium (2) and heavy (3) clicks.

you can always change your preference by going to “ Settings > General > Home Button”.

Change the click speed

Since it’s more sensitive to press the home button, you may have notice that you’re able to double- and triple-click much faster. Click speed can be adjusted in the “Accessibility” settings, if u want switch back to the default setting to reduce accidental double-clicks.

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and tap on the three options — Default, Slow and Slowest — to preview how fast you need to click the home button for it to register as a double- or triple- click

How do buttons break?

Most of the time, a dropped iPhone is the cause for a damaged button.  The impact can cause a sudden intense vibration that knocks a connecting cable loose or causes a crack.  The impact can also cause the buttons to get jammed into the phone (though it is generally easy to fix iPhone button that is stuck in this manner).

Alternatively, as mentioned previously, extensive usage and exerting excessive force to press buttons can cause damage.  This is inevitable and will happen to all users who use their phones for several years, especially for the iPhone 6s home button. Luckily, iPhone button repair is one of the most accessible services available.

Diagnosing your buttons – repair or replace?

It may be helpful to figure out exactly what is wrong with your buttons before deciding whether to attempt to fix it yourself or not.  It may be wise to bring your device to iRepair either way, as opening an iPhone can result in accidental damage. Home buttons can be replaced within 30 minutes.

  • Button is sticking: this is a simple fix most of the time. Your button may just be jammed or bent.  It may be difficult to repair on your own if it is bent, so bring it to iRepair.
  • Button is unresponsive / needs extra pressure: either a ribbon is not connected properly, something got shifted around, or your button has been chipped. iPhone power button repair is simple with the right tools and knowledge, but repairs of this nature are delicate – definitely do not try to do this on your own.
  • Can’t unlock phone with fingerprint: your sensor is either damaged or disconnected. Repairs are possible, but if you need iPhone 6 button replacement Singapore has only one acceptable option: iRepair.

In the event of water damage, store your phone in a warm, dry place, and wait several hours to be sure all water has evaporated.  If the problem persists, for example the iPhone 5 on off button not working, you most likely either shorted a circuit, disconnected something, or caused other damage to an internal component.  Bring your phone to iRepair for a diagnosis and solution.

iphone-button-repair-singaporeDoes my warranty cover button repair?

Warranties are very precise about what they do and do not cover.  If your phone was purchased in Singapore, it must be repaired in Singapore to take advantage of the warranty.  Additionally, water damage is not covered by any iPhone warranties unless they are purchased by a third party.

Most water damage does not affect buttons, so warranties may cover this type of repair.  It is best to call Apple and consult with their customer service to find out whether or not your damaged component falls under the warranty.

Luckily, for most repairs including iPhone on off button repair Singapore is home to one of the best repair shops available.  If your warranty is up or you simply don’t feel like waiting for Apple, call or stop by iRepair any time between 11:00 AM and 8:00 PM for the best repair service around!

If u like to attempt yourself u can see here.

The iPhone is hailed as a revolutionary device in terms of navigation.  It makes use of a single button (the home button) to control various actions.  These include: returning to the home screen by pressing it once, unlocking the device with the latest touch ID technology, launching Siri by holding…

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