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As with any new device, all versions of the iPhone are host to a number of software problems. Computers have never been, and likely never will be, immune to software issues. Of these, errors relating to iTunes are quite frequent. Errors 9, 13, 1004, 1015, and 3194 are some of the most common, along with the “Cannot connect to iTunes Store” error message. Some of these errors deal with simple oversights such as not being logged in, while others can be more complex such as having a mismatched baseband and firmware version.

Aside from error messages, iPhones are prone to several other software issues. Getting stuck at the Apple logo when booting up the device is a notorious problem for iPhone users, forcing many to perform a system restore and lose their data. Aside from this, the phone could hang at various screens or simply become unresponsive. These symptoms could be caused by a variety of issues. If you experience any of these or are plagued by error messages, be sure to try bringing your phone to iRepair; this is the safest and most cost-effective way to get your phone back in working order.

Interesting information and facts about the iPhone

New architecture for a new age

The iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 runs a 64bit version of iOS, while the iPhone 4 runs a 32bit version. Contrary to popular belief, an upgrade in operating system architecture does not necessarily make the software better – it just provides different benefits. Generally, the move to 64bit architecture was a move towards future proofing for Apple; most (if not all) devices will be 64bit in the near future. Aside from this, the newer version allows for more RAM to be utilized. It also processes larger blocks of data with more efficiency.

Apple’s failed plans to eclipse Google

In the years leading up to 2012, Apple began purchasing various startup companies that produced mapping technology. During that year, Apple Maps was revealed; this was Apple’s attempt to encroach on Google’s territory. It was considered by nearly everyone to be a failure, however, and was removed.

Suing Samsung to protect Apple secret

Various technological patents of Apple’s have been “borrowed” by Samsung in the production of their smartphones. Samsung was taken to court by Apple in 2012 for a variety of patent violations, and again in 2014. Some of these patents include elements as specific as the slide to unlock feature (in the 2014 case), to features as broad as auto correct (in the 2012 case). The earlier lawsuit was partially won by Apple, resulting in $1 billion being paid out from Samsung.

Good intentions, bad results

Many people choose to jailbreak and/or unlock iPhone 5 (or other devices) for various reasons, but end up with problems due to lack of experience or a poorly chosen technician. The experts at iRepair are highly experienced and can perform a jailbreak or carrier unlock on your device, as well as fix problems from previous jailbreaks.

What is jailbreaking?

Put simply, jailbreaking will unlock iPhone devices from their factory-set Apple restrictions. These restrictions keep users from accessing a variety of possible features. Such possible features include:

  • Altering the internal framework of the iPhone, or adding a secondary companion framework such as Cydia – this opens up even more options through customization of the operating system.
  • Altering the graphical user interface – change the way your iPhone looks with interesting user-made themes using Cydia or a similar framework.
  • Gain access to more apps – you can download and install apps that are not authorized by Apple by jailbreaking the device. This opens up a whole new world of games and productivity.
  • Tethered jailbreaking – use your phone as a mobile WiFi hotspot for your laptop or other people’s mobile devices. Most service plans offer this capability as an additional charge with greatly limited data, but through jailbreaking it can be done for free and more efficiently.

Sometimes a badly done jailbreak will require an iPhone recovery mode fix, which can be performed by the technicians at iRepair with ease.


In most countries, jailbreaking is legal. In Singapore specifically there has yet to be a court hearing formally establishing its legality, but based on existing laws it should be legal if only done to make the device more compatible without breaching any copyright laws.

What is carrier unlocking?

This service is completely legal in all countries, as it is in fact also offered by Apple. When you unlock iPhone 4 or 5 you can use it with any carrier. For example, if you purchased a phone with an AT&T plan, it can only be used by AT&T; after unlocking, it can be used with any service, most notably pay-as-you-go services.

Unlocking is often performed in tandem with a jailbreak as a way to truly open up the phone’s potential, though it can be performed independently. Unlocking can either be done with a program while the phone is connected to the computer, or by altering the phone’s hardware (a process reserved only for experts).

iphone-software-issue-repairNote about warranties

While jailbreaking makes the iPhone a much more customizable device, it also completely voids any warranty on the phone. Jailbreaking may be legal, but it is certainly frowned upon and discouraged by Apple.

Unlocking your phone, on the other hand, does not void the warranty if done through software. As mentioned previously, this is completely legal. The warranty may be voided if a hardware unlock is performed, however. Taking a jailbroken or hardware unlocked phone to an Apple store for warranty repair or replacement will almost always result in a complete rejection.

Of course, if something needs to be repaired you can always take your device to the best place to fix or unlock iPhone Singapore has to offer: iRepair. Stop by any time between 11:00 AM and 8:00 PM for a quick repair, jailbreak, unlock, or part replacement.

iRepair is located conveniently on Prinsep street and will provide lightning fast service, fixing or unlocking your phone in under an hour. While you wait you will be treated to free drinks and WiFi, as well as entertainment and a comfortable lounge. Stop by today and leave the complicated work to the experts!

As with any new device, all versions of the iPhone are host to a number of software problems. Computers have never been, and likely never will be, immune to software issues. Of these, errors relating to iTunes are quite frequent. Errors 9, 13, 1004, 1015, and 3194 are some of…

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