iPhone XS MAX Repair Singapore

Apple Inc. has been doing really well by introducing its signature series line X last year and now they have extended their X series with some progressive and reasonable good additions like iPhone XS Max.  Apple has embraced success quarter after quarter with its impeccable iPhone XS Max but there is always a room for improvement and space to accommodate the critical reviews over the giant iPhone XS Max. As the name implies iPhone XS Max is truly MAX as per its gigantic size and string gaming hardware. However, users find almost negligible difference between the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and as per comments given to reports of various channels and forums, the users are not so happy with it.

iPhone XS is simply about balancing polish and progress. It shares the same iOS version 12 and it even has the identical body and shape as iPhone. If a general comparison has to be done, iPhone XS Max can replace the current market potential of iPhone XS. It is so much relatable to what happened with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. It’s fundamentally the same distinguishing characteristic between iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX.

iPhone XS Max features and specs:

iOS & Processor:

iOS 12 vouching for software updates with new version of Apple’s A-series processorA12 Bionic CPU six-core CPU


upto 512 GB

screen size:



3,174 mAh

Weight & size:

Size: 157.5 mm x 77.4 mm x 7.7 mm (Max)

Weight: 7.34 ounces (208 grams) (Max)


Resolution is increased to 2,688 x 1,242 pixels which matches the iPhone XS’s 458ppi density


Gold, Silver & Space Gray.

Connectivity & SIM:

Gigabit-class LTE and dual-SIM with dual-standby technology and presence of e-SIM and Blutetooth 5.0


Rear camera 12-megapixel wide-angle sensor having an f/1.8 aperture giving the feature of optical image stabilization, supported on 1.4nm pixel size.

Another camera has telephoto lens also has 12 megapixels with OIS, with 2X optical zoom, having an f/2.4 aperture.

Front camera has 7-megapixel RGB sensor having an f/2.2 aperture, with an additional IR camera.

iPhone XS MAX Screen Repair:

However iPhone XS MAX have been protected with a double glass covering all 360 degrees of the body, which gives it some tougher feel and heavy too. But still some users have reported the presence of gouges soon after they have started using it. Well, this is just normal; as the gouges and the scratches depend on the way the phone has been used and kept. It’s a normal practice to avoid sharp things (normally putting car keys and the phone in the same pocket) and avoid keeping the phone upside down or likewise on rough surfaces. Luckily the XS Max is rated IP68 for water & dust resistance which means that the phone can be left in water for around 30 minutes under 1 meter deep water. But the appearance of scratches is not considered.

Solution to problem:

iPhone XS MAX is still the most reliable out of the X signature series recently launched with more adherence to glass body toughness. Still in case of appearance of scratches, it is a mandatory formula to get the screens covered with thick and high quality glass protectors that not only give protection against scratches but also serves as a reflector. In case the screen is semi damaged or broken completely, don’t worry, this can be replaced and fixed by Apple service care centers. You can also go through the user’s guidelines and user’s manual that will also have the “warranty claim” part, and contact your nearest Apple support center.

iPhone Xr max repair SingaporeiPhone XS MAX Battery Replacement:

iPhone XS MAX is known to have the best battery life so far. With advanced and efficient hardware installed in iPhone XS MAX, the battery charging time is reduced and the phone remains charged with its full performance for much more time than before. However, keeping this in mind the fact, that earlier models of iPhone faced battery charging issues which include slow charging of battery, increasing the temperature of the phone whilst on charging, or early discharge of battery even on low charging mode.

Solution to Problem:

The battery replacement is a very latent and common problem among smart phones; however, the frequency is seen much lower among iPhones. In case such an issue is noticed, the user can adopt any of the following instruction to resolve the issue:

  • Change the adapter or change the data cable used for charging the iPhone.
  • Always use original iPhone chargers (adapters as well as data cables)
  • Check the power plug (it may be faulty or have low strength to power)
  • Run a software update of iOS 12 which is absolutely functional and highly useful in recovering such bugs
  • Contact the Apple Care or Apple Service Center for battery replacement.

iPhone XS Max Connectivity issue:

iPhone XS Max has been found to have the best ever efficient hardware of X Line series so far and is thought to serve greater performance and recover any bugs found in earlier iPhones, however, the efficient and smart phone is critically degraded for its bad connectivity issues over Wi-Fi as well as LTE. This error is found to be global and is generalized with no carrier or data specific network.  This is a big drawback and in future will be a big problem for the gigantic phone itself.

Solution to problem:

The connectivity problem and slow speed reception to any action is a serious concern to be resolved on priority. The iOS 12 will soon be launching its software update version which is supposed to resolve the connectivity issue soon. However, the frustrated users can also contact the APPLE CARE or can submit their feedback on official APPLE forums and service centers and be in immediate contact with them for support and maintenance.

iPhone XS MAX Camera Repair:

One of the finest and most advanced Cameras (12 mega pixel rear and 7 mega pixel front) have been introduced in iPhone XS Max which gives a whole new meaning to photo and video snapping. However the iPhone cameras seem to be the most delicate feature and much care is required to avoid scratches and gouges over the lens else it will distort the quality of pix and videos.

Solution to Problem:

The camera repair is the most sacred feature and comes with huge cost. However, for unstructured and functional camera disorders, iOS 12 software update may fix the bugs, but if the problem is structural, this definitely calls for a complete camera repair by Apple’s official contact service center. The camera replacement is a detailed task and you may be given option to replace the phone.

Apple Inc. has been doing really well by introducing its signature series line X last year and now they have extended their X series with some progressive and reasonable good additions like iPhone XS Max.  Apple has embraced success quarter after quarter with its impeccable iPhone XS Max but there…
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