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Oppo is an ever-embryonic global smartphone brand dedicated to deliver state-of-the-art technology, scrupulous design and camera proficiency for spectacular experience. Oppo was the first brand to launch smartphones with 5MP & 16MP front cameras, motorized rotating cameras, the 5x Dual Camera Zoom technology, and the Ultra HD feature. The latest addition in the market of luxury smart phones is taking the plunge on the telecommunications sector. In 2016, Oppo was ranked as the fourth biggest global smartphone brand, providing excellent phone journey to over 100 million people across the world. Oppo smart phones have a passing resemblance to iPhones. Having much similarities, Oppo has done well to give its half the price.

A phone is not just a phone today. Your smartphone speaks volume about your personality. They are more than just telecommunication devices. The Oppo smartphones are perfect examples of class & style on low money, and diverse line-up of finely-priced Android phones. The brand has had a big success in its native China, UK and Europe and now expanding the circle across the world, with great specifications, solid design and, most importantly, low pricing.

Oppo’s recently launched Selfie Expert F Series highlights its focus on photography technology aimed to deliver immaculate selfie experience to its customers. The series has come with amazing prices, admirable camera performance and delicate design. Oppo F1 kicked off the series in 2016, featuring 3GB RAM, 16GB storage, 13MP camera, ColorOS 2.1, Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 Octa-core processor, Multi-touch, Capacitive Screen, and Gorilla Glass 4 display.

Oppo F1 Plus with 16-MP front camera was the second addition in the photography-focused F series. The “selfie-expert” device features metal unibody, 64 GB of storage, 4GB RAM, VOOC Flash Charge, Hi-light camera, lightning-quick fingerprint recognition, 5.5-inch AMOLED display with 4th Generation Gorilla Glass, and uniquely designed slim hardware.

Recently launched Oppo F3 Deepika Padukone Limited Edition available in Rose Gold with Deepika’s laser signature engraved on the back is the biggest highlight of Oppo devices. Some of the specifications and key features of Oppo F3 include 5.5 inch IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen, 1080 x 1920 pixels, 401 ppi, Android v6.0 Marshmallow operating system, 64GB storage capacity, 4GB RAM, 13-megapixel rear camera and 16MP front camera. Oppo F3 Plus, with 16MP rear camera and ColorOS 3.0, has also been able to provide smooth and steady experience to its users across the world. Oppo is releasing the next flagship product “F3 FC Barcelona Edition” on 26th August, 2017.

Oppo A57 and A37 are other leading cameras with the title of “Unstoppable Selfies” and “Brighten Your Selfie” respectively. Oppo A57 captures best look even in low light with its 16MP Selfie Camera and 13MP rear camera. The A57 came with new Hand Gesture and Bokeh Effect by upgrading signature palm shutter function to take selfies. More features include lightning-fast touch access, 2900mAh battery, 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM, Operating System Color3.0, and octa-core 64-bit processor.

Oppo A37 manages to pack 8MP rear camera, 5MP front camera, an Ultra-HD shooting mode, 2GB RAM, quad-core 64-bit processor, 16GB ROM, ColorOS 3.0, and multi touch & capacitive screen with Gorilla Glass 4. Oppo provides product with comprehensive warranty services valid under normal use of device, excluding all man-made damages. The mobile accessories such as charger, head set, data cable and battery have a 12-month warranty. External damages (wear, tear and scratches) and faults caused by the internet and wireless information service providers are not covered by the warranty. However, if warranty has expired or any damage (caused by human factors) can be repaired at own cost at any warranty shop.

Have you bought your Oppo device? Welcome to the Chinese’ android world. You like its build quality, quality camera, long-lasting battery but, sooner or later, you come across with the failings or damages that make you quite maddening. Don’t worry. Below, I am enlisting issues and problems Oppo phones are vulnerable to. If you come across with any of following issues, iRepair is here to provide genuine quality services.

oppo-phone-repair-SingaporeMost common issues with Oppo

Does your mobile phone overheat? Did you break your charging pin? Screen doesn’t respond or gets cracked? Following is the list of the most common problems that users may face with the Oppo mobiles:

  • Heating issues

Heating issue is one of the most common problems faced by users of Oppo devices. You may find your phone burning after continuous use. Most often this happens due to heavy gaming, heavy streaming, or too any apps running. However, if the battery itself is also heating up, there might be a possibility that your battery is malfunctioned or there is internal hardware problem. Water damage also brings overheating as a side effect.

  • Screen Freeze problems

Oppo android users are facing the problem of hanging or unresponsive screen. The screen fail to respond often or take users somewhere else every time they press an app. This is more of a software problem, caused by overloading the phone with apps or damaged central processing unit.

  • Slow or no charging

Oppo phone user also face the trouble of damaged mobile charger or slackening of the charging pin. Bumpy dealing with the phone or overcharging may also result in damaged charger or broken pin. If this happens, charging pin can be replaced along with battery if battery malfunctions too.

  • Cracked screen or display

Usually, this results from a phone fall leaving a substantial crack on screen. Fortunately, you can replace the screen and get back the glory of your phone. In case of screen breakage, both display and touch screen are replaced because touch screen is combined with display in Oppo devices, so it is not possible to replace them individually. iRepair deals with following kinds of cracked screens:

  1. Scratches appear on phone’s screen for no reason and turn into air bubbles under a screen protector.
  2. Dust on screen creates scratch if not protected with glass
  3. Broken display or touch screen accidently
  4. Great fall on the tiled floor or road. Screen corners are more vulnerable to damage even if glass protected.
  5. Ugly crack on screen but touch works perfectly
  6. Screen cracked and stopped working
  7. Cracked screen works fine but the front camera starts to get blurred, reflections or refractions disturb the photo.


  • Malfunctioning camera

Mobile cameras may face damage due to various reasons, including scratch in the lens, moisture or any other physical damage. This might happen with both front or back cameras, requiring a replacement. iRepair can replace your Oppo phone faulty camera at affordable prices.

  • Lagging

Lags are one of the common issues faced by smartphones. App freezes, slow performances, hardness to switch between multiple applications can be the result of outdated software. iRepair resolves the lagging issue of Oppo phones at really low prices and provides best services.

Affordable Oppo phone repair services in Singapore

Are you looking for affordable Oppo phone repairing services in Singapore? iRepair provides professional and efficient repair services across the country. When your phone stop working or any part of your phone gets damaged, visit the only reliable service center in Singapore. The technical staff at iRepair offer repairing amenities throughout the week between 11:00 AM and 8:00 PM. They help in repairing any damaged component including motherboard, or replacing a screen or any individual component including flash bulb and camera. iRepair reconditions your device within one or two hours on the same day while you wait in a comfortable waiting room with free WiFi, free hot drinks, magazines, movies and much more. We offer 30-day service warranty for every type of repair of any type of device. We handle every type of Oppo mobile problems including heating issue, battery or charger replacement, water damage, screen freeze problems or cracked screen, etc. Experts at iRepair deal with every technical problem in a professional way.

Oppo is an ever-embryonic global smartphone brand dedicated to deliver state-of-the-art technology, scrupulous design and camera proficiency for spectacular experience. Oppo was the first brand to launch smartphones with 5MP & 16MP front cameras, motorized rotating cameras, the 5x Dual Camera Zoom technology, and the Ultra HD feature. The latest…

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