Privacy Policy


Since your privacy is the very first priority of us, has made a very clear yet strict privacy policy for its users. We reserve the right to perform major and minor changes with subject to condition and time. So, we urge you to read the following privacy policy time to time before using our website:

A legal Document:

The very first thing is that this page of privacy policy is a legal document that depicts that how we collect and use personal information of our users.

What information we collect:

We certainly do not collect any personal information of those who only visit our website and do not buy any service or product from us. Anyhow, a user may be asked to give his email address for promotional emails through the subscription process. The user is free to enter his email address to get our news emails or he can continue his search on the website without subscribing.

When you register to our website, we start collecting your personal information in which we ask only relevant, standard, and mandatory details including your name, email address, phone numbers, and at the of payment, we collect your payment card details.

Other Automatic Information Collected by Us:

When any visitor visits our website, some information is automatically collected which include the user’s IP address, operating system, browser, cookies, and some other minor information like them. If you don’t understand that how cookies work, you better google it.

Sharing of Your Personal Information:

One thing should be cleared here is that we do not share or sell your information to any third party. Your details are only used to make your repairing done and to send you updates.  We may only share your information only to those who are consultants or service providers of us and they are our trustworthy.

Contact Us:

If you still have any query or question, fell free to contact us using our contact details provided on the contact us page of