Samsung Note 5 Repair in Singapore

You spent a lot of money on your Samsung Note 5, so if it breaks, it’s important to know how to fix it. Some of the most common issues that we see in a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 can be repaired yourself using a screw kit, a heat gun, and a suction cup. Alternatively, you can go to a Samsung Note 5 repair in Singapore to have it professionally fixed. Read below to find out about the most common issues people that own a Note 5 will experience and how to fix them.

Samsung Note 5 Screen Repair in Singapore


The most common issue that Note 5 users experience is a damaged screen. Although the Note 5 is made with a crack resistance screen, it is not totally safe from damage. If you drop it at the wrong angle, it could result in cracking. Some may even experience spider web cracking, which extends throughout the entire screen.

What to Do If Your Screen Is Cracked

If your screen is cracked, you can fix it yourself, or bring it to a repair shop to have it serviced. If you want to try to repair it yourself, you have to order a new screen and reattach the new screen to the device.

Other common Samsung Note 5 screen issues

Besides physical damage or cracks on your Note 5 screen, there are other issues that you may run into and require urgent Samsung Note 5 repair in Singapore. Here are a few examples:

No display

A good number of Note 5 users have claimed to have experienced the black screen problem, especially when playing games of browsing on their phones. The screen suddenly goes black and does not display anything. If this happens to your precious Note 5, you better have it checked by an expert.

Double images

Another screen issue reported by Samsung Galaxy Note 5 users is the appearance of double images or icons on the display. Duplicated content could be caused by a variety of issues including hardware and software malfunctions.

LCD blending

Your Samsung Note 5 may suddenly start displaying vertical uneven lines or color marks on the screen. This happens especially when you are using the phone outdoors in bright sunlight.  The problem could be due to a variety of reasons including LCD blending issues and flaws in the AMOLED design. If you notice uneven colors, an uneven screen, pink and yellow tints, uneven brightness, and gradient on grays, your phone could be having LCD blending or AMOLED problems that need to be addressed by a professional repair company.

Slow or unresponsive display

Your Note 5 may suddenly go completely unresponsive and will not even turn on when you press the power button. It may also suddenly start lagging or become too slow. A few owners of Samsung Note 5 have complained of the phone’s screen freezing for a few seconds while they were in the middle of playing a game or chatting on social media. A slow or unresponsive screen could be caused by an AMOLED issue on the phone’s screen or even a problem related to the phone’s battery capacity. Your best option is to have the phone checked by a Samsung Note 5 repair Singapore expert.


 Samsung Note 5 Battery Repair in Singapore

Battery Life of Your Note 5

If you use your Note 5 a lot, your battery will eventually wear down. It will become less efficient at storing and delivering power to your device. This is a common problem that most often comes up for people that use their Note 5 extensively over the course of one or several years.

How to Fix This Problem

If you notice that your phone is running out of juice a lot quicker than it used to, it may be due to an old battery. To fix this, you will have to purchase a new battery and replace it.

To replace the battery, grab a heat gun and use a suction cup to remove the back of the Note 5. From there, you will be able to remove the defective battery and insert the new one.

Samsung Note 5 Camera Replacement

Two Cameras That May Need to Be Replaced

Having two cameras on the Note 5, it doubles the chances that one of them will not function at some point. The most common issue with the cameras that we see is with the rear facing camera. The first thing will usually go wrong is damage to the casing in front of the camera lens.

Replacing the Camera

To replace the camera on your Samsung Note 5, you will have to remove the back or front plate of the device, depending which camera is damage. Once you access the camera, remove the lens in question and replace it with the new camera. Reconnect the wiring and reassemble the device. The difficult thing about replacing these devices is that you have to disassemble the entire phone to get to it. It’s something that is better left to the professionals.

Samsung Note 5 Back Cover Replacement

Replacing Your Back Cover

If you drop your phone or do other damage to it, it can result in damage to your back cover. Although most people will decide this is something they can live with, a damaged back cover can compromise the quality of your pictures and it may expose the internal electronics to moisture, which can result in even further damage. This is why it is important to replace your back cover if it is damaged.

DIY Replacing Your Back Cover

The back cover is the easiest part of the Note 5 to replace if it becomes damaged. To do this, order a replacement part and use a heat gun and a suction cup to remove the backplate. Once it is off, simply replace the new cover and reheat the glue so it dries tight.

Samsung Note 5 Water Damage Repair

Identifying Water Damage

If you suspect your phone may have taken on water damage, the first place you should check is the LDS sticker. The sticker will turn red if it comes in contact with moisture. To find the sticker, remove the sim tray and look inside the opening. You will see a white or red sticker. If it is white, your phone is safe. If it turned red, it means it was exposed to moisture.

Drying Your Device Out

If the sticker is red, we recommend placing the Note inside a bag of rice and leaving it at room temperature, or in the sun, for several days. The dry rice will slowly suck out any moisture that is in the device. After enough time has passed, turn your device on and see if it works correctly.

Samsung Note 5 Button Repair

The Samsung Note has protruding buttons surrounding its frame. These buttons are not protected by any casing and are more likely to become damaged after an impact. Whether it is the button itself, or the surrounding frame, pressure or an impact applied in the wrong way to the Note can render one of the buttons useless.

How to Work Around Broken Buttons

You can replace broken buttons, or you can work around them. There is an alternative option to power the device on and off using volume keys, and change the volume using the software. If you want your phone to be restored to its original condition, you can look for Samsung Note 5 repair in Singapore.

Authorised Samsung Service Centre or alternative like iRepair Singapore ?

Authorised Samsung Service Centre Singapore charges about $360 for screen replacement. You need to back up all your data as the repaired Samsung Note 5 will be restored to factory setting, which may be a hassle for some.  Repair normally takes days.

If you are experiencing any issues with your Samsung Note 5, you can turn to iRepair in Singapore. iRepair replaces screen for less than half of what Authorised Samsung Service Centre Singapore charges and normally within an hour depend on the customer flow.  There are plenty of reviews at iRepair Singapore Facebook page, Google + page and Yelp.

You spent a lot of money on your Samsung Note 5, so if it breaks, it’s important to know how to fix it. Some of the most common issues that we see in a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 can be repaired yourself using a screw kit, a heat gun, and…

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