Samsung Note 8 Repair Singapore

Samsung Note 8 may be but it is so far the most powerful Galaxy Note model that does it all. The Note 8 can even be said to be Samsung’s attempt to redeem itself from the exploding disaster experienced by some of the Note 7 users last year. The Galaxy 8 comes with a beautiful metal and glass design, a larger display, better S Pen features, an enhanced camera, and fluid performance.

Samsung-Note-8-Repair-SingaporeHere is a look at some of its key specs:

Size: A larger build measuring 162.5 x 74.8 x 8.6mm

Weight: 195 grams

Colors: Available in beautiful Midnight Black, Deepsea Blue, Orchid Gray, and Maple Gold colors

OS: Android 7.1.1 Nougat

Display: High-quality 6.3-inch QuadHD+ Super AMOLED display with 2960×1440 pixels at 521 ppi

Camera: 8 Megapixel front and rear cameras with Dual Optical Image Stabilization

Video: 4K high quality video recording at a speed of 30fps. 1080p HD video recording at either 30fps or 60fps and 720p at 30fps

Memory: 6GB RAM memory and internal storage of 64/128/256GB with expandable Memory and SIM card

Resistance: Water resistance of IP68

Battery: Strong battery with a capacity of 3300mAh

Security: Pattern, PIN, password locks as well biometric scanners such as Iris, fingerprint, and face recognition.

The Samsung Note 8 may be the best smartphone in the Galaxy Note line but like every gadget it is not 100% perfect. There have been a few complaints so far from users. It is recommended to get the best Samsung Note 8 repair Singapore experts such as iRepair on Prinsep Street to check your gadget in case of a serious problem. Here are some of common issues you are likely to experience with the Note 8 and how to fix them.

Samsung Note 8 Screen Repair Singapore

The Note 8 comes with a high quality 6.3-inch Quad HD+ Super-AMOLED display featuring an almost bezel-less edge-to-edge glass screen. Some of the common screen issues include:

Cracked screen

In case of a cracked screen probably due to dropping the gadget or any other accident, the only option is to have the screen replaced by an expert Samsung Note 8 repair company in Singapore such as iRepair.

Broken Digitizer

If the screen is not responding to touch or the S Pen, the problem could be a broken digitizer.

Possible solutions

If the digitizer is not properly calibrated, you could try to go to settings and find the calibration option. If calibration doesn’t solve the problem, then the digitizer may be damaged which will require a complete screen replacement.

Other common Samsung Note 8 screen problems include burn marks, flickering display, a blank screen or a display with horizontal or vertical lines, or simply a blank display. If the screen is unresponsive or simply damaged in any way, it is advisable to have the device checked by iRepair expert technicians for further tests and if necessary get the screen replaced.

Samsung Note 8 Battery Repair Singapore

The Galaxy Note 8 comes with a strong 3300mAh battery built to last for a long time. Some common battery problems include:

Low battery life

The most common cause for low battery life is heavy usage and multitude of features.

Possible solutions

  • Go to Settings and Battery to find out which apps are draining power and close them.
  • Turn off Smart Stay
  • Reduce screen brightness
  • Have the battery checked or replaced by a Samsung repair professional in Singapore such as iRepair

Slow charging or overheating while charging

This is another common problem where you wait for hours for the Note 8 to charge, sometimes in vain.

Possible solutions

  • Use the original charger that came with the device. 3rd party chargers don’t work as efficiently as original ones.
  • Avoid overcharging the battery which often makes the device overheat
  • Get the battery replaced with a genuine Samsung Note 8 battery at iRepair

Samsung Note 8 Camera Replacement in Singapore

The Note 8 comes with a high quality 8MP front and rear camera complete with other key features such as Dual Optical Image Stabilization. Both cameras are susceptible to physical damages such as cracks, and scratches as well internal problems such as showing blank screens and blurred images.

Possible solutions

  • The Note 8 uses sensors which could be interference. Simply go to settings, advanced features, and turn of smart stay.
  • If the camera lens has suffered any type of physical damage, get the camera replaced at iRepair, one of the best and affordable Samsung Note 8 repair Singapore shops.

Samsung Note 8 Back Cover Replacement

The Note 8 has a beautiful back cover available in black, blue, gray, and gold colors. In case of any damage to the back cover including cracks or scratching, simply get it replaced with a new one.

Samsung Note 8 Water Damage Repair in Singapore

Similar to previous Note Models, the Samsung Note 8 is IP68 water and dust resistant. You can dip it in water to a depth of 5 feet for half an hour and it will still work okay. However, it can be damaged by sea water, long-term exposure to rain, and accidents. Water damage leads to corrosion.

Possible solution

The only solution to water damage is to take your phone to a Samsung Note 8 repair shop in Singapore such as iRepair to have it chemically cleaned.

Samsung Service Center Singapore

Samsung service center in Singapore provides a Concierge after-sales service. You’ll, however, need to pay a registration fee to get a discount on any repair you may require. The discount is not much given that they charge more than S$420 for screen or motherboard replacements. There are also long waiting times before your device can be repaired.

You can alternatively bring your Samsung Note 8 to iRepair on Prinsep Street Singapore for affordable, professional and fast service. Most part replacement and other repair tasks at iRepair are completed within an hour. iRepair is your trusted Samsung Note 8 repair and parts replacement company in Singapore.


Samsung Note 8 may be but it is so far the most powerful Galaxy Note model that does it all. The Note 8 can even be said to be Samsung’s attempt to redeem itself from the exploding disaster experienced by some of the Note 7 users last year. The Galaxy…

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