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Owning a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or another top range Samsung phone devices like Samsung S8, Samsung S8+ feels great or even prestigious. Samsung’s smartphones and tablets are some of the most refined devices on the luxury telecommunication devices market. Of late, Samsung has really tweaked the winning design and functionality of its S7 models and righted some of the problems experienced by users of the S6 models to create a sophisticated phone you will never want to put down. The S7 Edge is a perfect example of Samsung’s perfection. It is a great handset with an excellent camera, longer lasting battery than previous versions, and a host of functional features packed into one affordable package.

Some of the key features and specs of the Galaxy S7 Edge include a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED, 534 ppi, 1440×2560 pixels, Android v6.0 Marshmallow operating system, 4GB RAM, 32 or 64GB internal memory and Micro SD that can be extended up to 200GB. It comes with a 12 Megapixel camera too. It is no wonder why many have fallen in love with this flagship model of Samsung. Its refined design, lots of raw power, and a host of impressive features have made it one of the most popular Samsung models on the market. However, as wonderful as the phone is, it is still susceptible to flaws and damages. Many people find it quite frustrating when their Samsung devices suddenly crash or hang.


Common Flaws with Samsung Galaxy Devices

Like every other electronic gadget, your Samsung gadget is susceptible to a wide range of problems from a broken screen, low battery life, unlocking, audio issues, camera, start-up failure, water damage, software problems etc. Let’s take a look at some of the most common Samsung Galaxy problems:

  • The sudden death syndrome

You may have gone through the annoying experience of charging your phone overnight only to realize that you cannot start the phone the next morning. The phone may keep on restarting displaying the Samsung logo over and over again. This problem is called Sudden Death Syndrome and could be due to a CPU failure, overcharging, or a faulty motherboard.

  • Water damage

Water damage is one of the most common problems faced by owners of Samsung smart phone users. Latest models such as the Galaxy S7 are waterproof up to a meter deep but can still suffer water damage if carelessly left in water for a long time. Water damage can be severe if the phone falls into salt water or corrosive liquids.

  • Phone lagging

Have you ever noticed that after installing many applications, your Samsung phone suddenly starts lagging in its operations? This is mainly because the available storage space in your phone is getting cramped. Most Samsung models such as the S3, S4, Note 3, Note 4, and Samsung Note Edge come with 16 GB or 32Gb memory which can be extended to 64Gb to reduce lagging.

  • Slow charging or inability to charge

Most phones in the Samsung Galaxy series are susceptible to loosening of the charging pin. The problem could result from rough handling or sideward forces. You can replace the charging pin or if corrosion has occurred, you’ll need to have the charging ribbon replaced.

Samsung has even had a double-recall of the Galaxy Note7 due to battery failures. The company stated in their Facebook page that they have finally resolved the issue after concerted research and development efforts in collaboration with 3 industry expert groups.

  • Battery replacement

If you notice your phone’s battery beginning to look bloated, have it replaced as quickly as possible. A bloated battery can severely damage the motherboard. A battery’s shelf life is around 2 years. Check the date of manufacture on the battery before you buy one.

  • Malfunctioning front or back camera

There are many causes for phone camera damages from exposure to moisture to rough handling and physical damage. A damaged front or back camera will require a replacement.

  • Oversensitive screen

There are many users of Galaxy S7 who have complained of their phone’s display being too sensitive. In some cases the palm-rejection feature does not work.

  • The pink line of death

Many users of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have reported of a pink line that suddenly appears on their phone’s screen. The company claims that the pink line problem is not a software issue but a hardware problem.

Your Samsung device consists of many tiny parts that work in perfect coordination. If one part malfunctions your device will not work as expected. In Singapore, there are basically two ways of repairing Samsung phones. You can either take the phone to the company for repair if your warranty is still valid or take it to a Singapore phone repair company.

Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s curved edge was received with much hype when the phone was launched, and for a good reason. Unlike the curved screen in the Note Edge, this one is actually curved on both sides, which makes it the best looking smart phone in the galaxy series. However, unlike the thicker single edge screen of the Note Edge, the S6 Edge’s curved screen does not feature the built-in 10cm ruler, the stopwatch or countdown feature, and the handy flashlight shortcut.

Like other Samsung galaxy screens, it is also susceptible to physical damages such as cracked and broken screens. Local companies charge up to S$250 to replace broken or cracked LCD Screens for out of warranty Samsung smart phones and tablets. The price largely depends on the model and extent of the damage.

At iRepair, you get professional repair of different types of glass LCD screen repairs for different Galaxy models including Samsung S7, S6, S7 Edge, S6 Edge, S5, S4, S3 and Galaxy N-Series, Samsung Note 5, Note 4, 3/2. The budget Galaxy A-Series range is Samsung Galaxy A9 (2017), A8 (2016) A7, A5 and A3 If you have a broken S6, S7 edge and Note Edge screen, you’ll need to have the LCD replaced. The company uses original parts to make your phone as good as new again..

Singapore Samsung Warranty

Samsung is one of the best mobile device manufacturers in the world. They provide support and after sales service for their products. However, the service is provided under a limited warranty coverage known as Samsung Premium Care service. If you own a Galaxy device, or have just bought one, you can visit many of the Samsung Customer Service Centers in Singapore within 30 days after you bought the device and purchase Samsung Premium Care. The premium care is available for an additional S$68.

Samsung Premium Care provides one year coverage on screen and liquid repair. With premium care, you’ll have to pay a total of S$156 to have your phone repaired for water or screen damage. The fees include S$88 for the service and S$68 as Samsung Premium Care fee. Keep in mind that the service is only applicable to a single incident repair in one year.

Samsung Premium Care will cover damage to the Galaxy device due to accidental or unintentional causes that results in operational failure. The service is also subject to other terms and conditions. You’ll also have to bear with a long waiting time and queues at the Samsung Customer center. So which is the better option when you want to have your Samsung device repaired?

A reliable Samsung repair company in Singapore

Men are known to damage their smart phones and other mobile devices at work, while watching sports, and even in the garage. For most women, the kitchen or bathroom is the most likely place to liquid-damage their phones. However, when your phone stops working as expected, the next course of action is to find a reliable Samsung mobile repair company in Singapore. Not every Samsung mobile repair Singapore firm works the same way. Here are a few factors to consider when looking for the best Samsung mobile repair company.

  • The company must be reliable firm that provides a good warranty on their service.
  • They should provide high-quality and genuine replacement parts. Remember cheaper parts will save the repair company money and leave you with a poorly functioning device.
  • They should provide high-quality services in a timely manner. You obviously want your phone to be repaired as fast as possible.

Where to get the best services at affordable Samsung phone repair cost

Where do you get the most reliable Samsung mobile repair services in Singapore? iRepair of course. Located along Prinsep Street in Singapore, iRepair is Singapore’s only repair center with CaseTrust Accreditation. Every replacement or repair task done at iRepair is professionally done using genuine parts. They handle all types of Samsung device problems including water damage, broken screen, battery replacement, malfunctioning camera and much more. At iRepair, your device is expertly repaired within the shortest time possible. For instance, if your phone has a charging problem, iRepair experts will replace the battery ribbon in just two hours on the same day.

The time it takes to repair your damaged Samsung mobile device depends on the extent of the damage. However, every basic repair is normally completed within one or two hours. Water damage issues and problems to do with the device’s motherboard will take a longer time. How about service warranty? At iRepair, you get a 30-day warranty for every type of repair the company handles.

Owning a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or another top range Samsung phone devices like Samsung S8, Samsung S8+ feels great or even prestigious. Samsung’s smartphones and tablets are some of the most refined devices on the luxury telecommunication devices market. Of late, Samsung has really tweaked the winning design and…

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