Samsung S4 Repair Singapore

As a fourth generation phone in Samsung’s Galaxy line, the S4 came with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from Samsung. It featured an upgraded display from the previous versions, a faster processor, a better camera, and of course brand new software. The initial Samsung S4 ran on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean but over time Samsung has outfitted the S4 with more powerful upgrades including the Android 4.4.4 KitKat and Android 5.0 Lollipop. Samsung S4 packs more features and specs including the following:

  • Slim and lightweight design. It weighs 4.59 oz or 130 grams.
  • 5 inch Super AMOLED Capacitive touch screen with 16M colors. The display has a fine resolution of 1080 by 1920 pixels at 441 ppi pixel density. It is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and features a TouchWiz User Interface.
  • 13MP rear camera with auto focus and LED flash. The 2MP front camera is also great for taking selfies and dual video call.
  • Removable Li-Ion 2600mAh battery capable of giving you up to 370 hours on stand-by and up to 17 hours talk-time.
  • Sensors such as Accelerometer, proximity, gyro, compass, humidity, temperature, and gesture sensors.

The Samsung S4 is still an awesome phone but it is not without a few glitches and malfunction issues, as reported by a good number of the phone users. If you notice a serious problem with your Samsung S4, it is highly recommended that you take it to a trusted Samsung S4 repair Singapore center for further analysis and repair. Here are a few issues reported by the phone users and tips on what you can do to fix the problems.

Samsung S4 Screen Replacement in Singapore

Here are some of most common screen-related problems reported by Samsung Galaxy S4 users.

Physically damaged screen

It is fairly common to see people walking around with smartphones that have spider web cracks on the screen. Cracked screens are among the most common issues faced by many smartphone owners and Samsung S4 owners are no exemption to this issue. The phone’s screen will crack if you drop it at a wrong angle. It will develop cracks if it lands face first on a hard surface. This is why you need to keep it safe in a protective case.

What to do with a cracked screen

Do not be tempted to continue using the phone after its screen suffers crack damage. It may continue serving you as usual but remember the cracked makes it susceptible to further damage from moisture and dust that can potentially seep in through the cracks. The only option is to have the damaged screen replaced by a professional Samsung S4 repair center in Singapore. Replacing the screen is an intricate process that involves replacing both the Gorilla Glass 3 and AMOLED too. It is a procedure better left in the capable hands of a qualified Singapore Samsung S4 repair company.

Flickering or blank display screen

Users of Samsung S4 have also reported that their phone’s screens suddenly starts flickering incessantly after an update. Others claim that the screen goes blank for no apparent reason. There have also been complains of appearance of abnormal colors on the S4 display screen.

Probable causes of the problems

The issues could be caused by a variety of hardware or software issues including the following:

  • Physical damage to the LCD screen
  • Water damage to the screen
  • Outdated software
  • A loose display connector
  • Faulty LCD
  • A faulty or water damaged on-board connector

How to fix the problem

  • If the screen does not have physical or water damage, you can start by checking its brightness in Settings
  • Get a software update
  • Have the entire screen examined and replaced by a reliable Samsung S4 repair Singapore technician.

Slow or unresponsive screen

It is possible for the phone’s Touch to suddenly stop responding or start giving you very slow touch response times. Some sections of the phone’s screen can become unresponsive to touch too.

Possible reasons for the problem

The problem could be due to:

  • A full phone cache
  • Physical damage to the screen causing a partial or complete disruption of the touch function.
  • Slow response can be caused by a low battery charge.

How to fix the problem

  • Start by clearing caches
  • Reset the phone
  • Turn off the phone, take away the battery and reinsert after 5 to 10 seconds then restart the phone.
  • If the problem persists take the phone to a good Singapore Samsung S4 repair center for further examination and repair. You may need to replace the entire screen depending on the cause and extent of the damage.

Samsung S4 Button Replacement in Singapore

Many Samsung S4 users have complained on Samsung forums about their phone’s volume or power button getting stuck and bent. This may happen after you exert excessive force on the button for whatever reason.

Possible Solutions

  • A stuck or bent button will need to be replaced as it may have encountered physical damage. You can have it replaced at a good Samsung S4 repair Singapore shop such as iRepair along Prinsep Street.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Replacement

Ask any smartphone user what is the most challenging aspect of his or her device and they’ll probably tell you low battery capacity. Almost every smartphone suffers abnormal battery drain at one time in its life. The Samsung S4 is not exempt from low battery life.

Possible Solutions to low battery life

An abnormal battery drain is often caused by third-party applications so the first thing to do is to close all apps running in the background and draining your battery in the process. Uninstall apps that you don’t regularly use. Keep your phone’s brightness level as low as you can possibly afford to live with. If the battery is still draining fast, then you may need to have it replaced with a new one.

Samsung Warranty in Singapore

Samsung provides warranty for its products in Singapore. Through their Samsung Premium Care service, you can have your S4 repaired for water or screen damage for a fee of $156, which includes $68 Premium Care fee. The service will only be for a single incident repair per year and it may take days for your phone to be repaired.

As a fourth generation phone in Samsung’s Galaxy line, the S4 came with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from Samsung. It featured an upgraded display from the previous versions, a faster processor, a better camera, and of course brand new software. The initial Samsung S4 ran on Android…

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