Samsung S5 Repair Singapore

The Samsung S5 may be two generations behind in the Galaxy line but it is still a favorite for many smartphone consumers in Singapore. It has a sleek refined style and design with most of the key features found in the S6 model. Here are some of the S5 major features and specs:

  • Less bulky than previous models and weighs just 5.11oz or 145 grams
  • Includes features such as Touch Sensitive Control Keys and Fingerprint Swipe
  • Water and dust resistant rugged design
  • Available in four colors, White, Gold, Black, and Blue
  • Super AMOLED 5.1 inch display screen with 1080×1920 pixels at 432 ppi
  • Scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 3 complete with Light Sensor and Proximity Sensor
  • Dedicated MicroSD slot with extended memory of up to 256GN
  • Internal storage of 16 and 32GB
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 12MP rear camera with LED Flash
  • 2MP front camera with dual video call function
  • A solid user-replaceable 2800mAh Li-Ion battery capable of giving you 21 hours of talk time.

The S5 is indeed a high quality smart phone but it can potentially run into a few malfunctions too. This does not necessarily imply that all Samsung S5 phones have flaws but just in case your runs into one of the problems mentioned below, we highly advise that you take it to a good Samsung S5 repair Singapore shop for further evaluation to minimize damage.

Here are a few of the common glitches reported by Samsung S5 users.

Samsung S5 Screen replacement in Singapore

A cracked screen is one of the most reported Samsung S5 damages. The phone features a strong screen but nonetheless susceptible to cracks and damage if dropped on a hard surface. The cracks may appear on one side or in a spider web design depending on how the phone landed after the fall.

Samsung S5 Cracked Screen

You have very little choice when your Samsung S5 screen cracks besides taking it to a good Samsung repair center in Singapore for a replacement. You can’t stick a cracked screen together. It will need to be replaced with a new one. Do not attempt to replace the screen on your own since this is a very intricate process that involves replacing the Gorilla Glass 3 coverglass and the AMOLED panel too. Let a professional handle it.

Samsung S5 No Display Screen Issue

Many users of the Samsung S5 have complained of their phone’s screen suddenly going black and refuse to display anything. This usually happens while browsing multiple sites on the Internet or when playing games for extended periods of time. The screen may also become very slow or totally unresponsive.

Potential Solutions

  • Restart the phone and see if the problem has disappeared
  • Contact Samsung or take the phone to a good Samsung S5 repair Singapore center such as iRepair.

Samsung S5 LCD Blending and Double Images

Your Galaxy S5 may suddenly start showing double icons or images on the screen. The problem could be due to a hardware or software problem. Other users have complained of appearance of uneven lines running vertically on the screen or color marks on the display. This happens mostly when you are using the phone under a strong glare of the sun. the problem is caused by a variety of issues that have to do with the phone’s LCD blending and AMOLED design.

Potential Solutions

If you notice abnormal changes in your Samsung S5 display such as uneven colors, pink and yellow tints, gradient on grays, or uneven brightness, you better take the phone to a reliable Singapore Samsung repair center for further examination and repair.

Samsung S5 Battery Replacement

The Samsung S5 has a strong 2,800mAh battery capable of giving you up to 21 talk-time hours. However, you may notice a drastic reduction in battery capacity as time goes by.

Possible Solutions for Low Battery Life

  • Begin by turning off all the apps and features that you hardly use. They could be the major culprits of fast battery drain.
  • Go to settings and ensure that brightness level is on Auto or as low as you can survive with.
  • Close all background syncing processes
  • If none of the above helps, then you may require a battery replacement from Samsung or from a good Samsung S5 repair center in Singapore.

Samsung S5 Water Damage

Water and other liquids are probably the most cited contributors of Samsung S5 damage. While the phone is adequately designed to resist moisture and dust, it is not completely waterproof. If you drop it in a bathtub, it will suffer severe damage in its internal parts.

Solutions for Water Damage

The first step is to turn off the phone to avoid further damage in its internal parts. Do not attempt any of those popularized myths about sticking the phone in a bowl of uncooked rice or drying it with a blow dry. Play safe and take the phone to an expert technician at a Samsung S5 repair center in Singapore.

Samsung S5 Camera Replacement

You may run into a problem with both or either of the two cameras in your Samsung S5. The rear camera is often the first one to experience glitches mainly because of software or hardware issues.

Fixing Camera Problems

There is not much you can by yourself if your phone’s camera malfunctions. It may need to be replaced by an expert Samsung S5 technician in Singapore. The process requires an entire disassembly and assembly of the phone, which is best left to experts.

Samsung Singapore Warranty

Samsung provides support and after sales service for its products in Singapore. You can even purchase Samsung Premium Care service for S$68. If you have Premium care, you’ll be charged S$156 for screen or water damage. Remember the repair may take days to be completed.

The Samsung S5 may be two generations behind in the Galaxy line but it is still a favorite for many smartphone consumers in Singapore. It has a sleek refined style and design with most of the key features found in the S6 model. Here are some of the S5 major…

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