Samsung S7 Edge Repair Singapore

Your smartphone is your connection to your friends, family and the world. If anything goes wrong with your phone, it can cause major inconveniences. If you have a Samsung S7 Edge, there are a few things in particular that we commonly see go wrong. Below, we have some common fixes that you can do yourself.

Samsung S7 Edge Screen Repair (Replacement) in Singapore

One of the most common Samsung S7 Edge repairs is a broken screen. Without a protective case, your phone’s screen will be susceptible to cracks whenever you drop it. A cracked screen will require a replacement. The replacement procedure usually involves the use of a heat gun and suction cup to intricately remove the damaged screen and replace it with a new one. Depending on the level of damage, the phone’s screen can still be repaired in Singapore.

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Besides crack damage, other common Samsung S7 Edge screen problems include the following:

  • No Display (Screen of death)

The screen of your Samsung S7 Edge may suddenly become unresponsive or simply freeze. The problem is commonly known as the “screen of death” because the phone’s screen suddenly goes green, black, or white and will not display anything. If you experience this problem, let a professional examine the gadget and possibly replace the screen as soon as possible.

  • LCD Blending

There are times when the phone’s screen doesn’t seem to display the right color in some sections. This annoying problem is caused by brightly colored pixels that do not change leaving with irritating brightly colored spots.

  • Pink line of death

A good number of S7 Edge users have reported of strange blotches or pink vertical lines suddenly appearing on their phone display. The lines can also appear in green or purple color. If you notice pink spots or vertical lines on your phone’s display, let it be examined and repaired as soon as possible.

  • Double image

Your S7 Edge’s screen may suddenly start displaying double images of icons or other features. A double image issue makes the screen unclear or even blurred and will need to be repaired to restore your phone to its original state.

  • Slow performance

The Galaxy S7 Edge has a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED QHD screen. However, it is quite common for the screen to start lagging or performing very slowly while you are swiping through different screens. The problem is usually due to many underlying issues such as the phone’s battery capacity. If your phone’s screen suddenly starts lagging, becomes unresponsive or too sensitive, you better have the device checked by an expert.

Samsung S7 Edge Battery Repair (Replacement) in Singapore

Identifying When Your Battery Needs to Be Replaced

Batteries are not designed to last forever. Over time, they will lose their efficiency. If you notice your phone not holding a charge like it used to or running out of juice a lot faster, it is likely due to a bad battery. This is much more common in old phones that you have been using for a year or more.


How to Replace the Samsung S7 Edge Battery

Unlike the old models, the battery in the S7 is no longer removable. This doesn’t mean it is impossible to fix, however. To replace the battery, it just takes a few more steps.

Getting to the battery require some tools and a little bit of patience. You have to release the glue and remove the backing of the phone. Unscrew the small screws surrounding the frame and you will gain access to the battery. Replace the battery and reassemble the phone.

Samsung S7 Edge Camera Replacement

Rear and Front-Facing Cameras

Your Samsung S7 Edge comes with two cameras; a rear facing camera, and a front-facing camera. Each of these cameras can break for a variety of reasons. One of the most common issues that we see is the glass surrounding the rear camera breaking. When this happens, it will distort the image that the rear camera sees. It can also make the camera susceptible to taking on even more damage.

Samsung S7 Edge Back Cover Replacement

Occasionally, your back cover can become damaged. If this happens, you’re in luck, because this is one of the easiest pieces of the phone to replace.

Replacing the Back Cover

You can order a replacement back cover and switch it out yourself. Use a glue gun to heat up the blue and a suction cup to peel the back cover off. Reheat the glue and insert the new cover on and you are set.

Samsung S7 Edge Water Damage Repair

Checking the LDI Sticker

Even though the Edge is said to be waterproof, it does not completely shield it from taking on potential water damage. There is only a limit to the amount of water resistance that the Edge has. The Edge has a built in water sensor that will allow you to check whether or not your phone has water damage.

If you pull back the sim card and sim tray, for a small white square. This is the liquid damage indicator sticker. If your phone has no water damage, it should be completely white. If it has water damage, it will show red markings on it. This sticker only changes colors when it gets wet. If it is white, there’s a good chance your phone did not take on any water damage. If it has the red marks on it, there is a chance some damage has been done.

What to Do If Your Phone Has Water Damage

If your galaxy S7 has water damage, power it off and put it in a bag of rice. The rice will suck out any moisture that is in your phone. Leave it in for up to four days, depending on the severity of the damage. As long as no circuitry has become compromised by the liquid, your phone should be as good as new again.

Samsung S7 Edge Button Repair

Broken Power Button

The power button is one of the few pieces to the S7 Edge that is exposed to the environment. This makes it prone to damage. If your power button breaks, it may prevent you from turning your phone on and off as you are so used to doing.

How to Power Your Galaxy S7 Edge On and Off

If this happens to you, there are other ways that you can power your phone on and off. You can use the volume keys to turn your phone on and off by booting to the download screen and commanding a reboot. It’s not ideal, however, it’s a workaround until you are able to find Samsung S7 Edge repair in Singapore.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Repair Cost

If your Samsung galaxy S7 Edge is damaged and you are unable to repair yourself, you can turn to iRepair for the Samsung phone repair services that they provide in Singapore. You can place your phone under warranty which covers $450.

Your smartphone is your connection to your friends, family and the world. If anything goes wrong with your phone, it can cause major inconveniences. If you have a Samsung S7 Edge, there are a few things in particular that we commonly see go wrong. Below, we have some common fixes…

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