Samsung S7 Repair Singapore

Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the best Android smartphones on the market today. It comes with very useful and impressive features including the following:

  • Four sleek color finishes to choose from namely black, silver, white, and gold
  • A slim lightweight design. The phone weighs just 5.36 ounces.
  • A 5.1 inch screen that uses Quad HD Super AMOLED. The display has a resolution of 2,560 by 1,440 pixels.
  • The smart phone runs on the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system
  • A storage capacity of either 34GB or 64GB depending on the your preferred choice
  • A 4GB RAM
  • A 5MP front camera and 12MP rear camera that can even take pictures in low light.
  • Water and splash resistance
  • A fingerprint sensor
  • A solid 3,000mAh
  • Qi and PMA wireless charging
  • Fingerprint sensor and so much more

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is truly an awesome phone but it is not without glitches and problematic issues. Not every Galaxy 7 has a problem but in case yours develops a serious glitch or malfunction, it is highly recommended that you take it to a professional Samsung S7 repair Singapore shop such as iRepair along Prinsep Street for proper evaluation and repair. Let’s take a look at some of the common issues you may run into with your S7 and how to fix them.

Samsung S7 lagging or slow performance

As soon as you take out your new Samsung S7 from the box, you’ll notice something called “Briefing” which is a news app that curates news from different parts of the world. Most people consider it an annoying function that makes your new phone lag in performance.

What to do

Briefing slows down your new smart phone considerably and has to be disabled. You can uninstall or disable it by long-pressing anywhere on the homescreen until the usual options appear then simply swipe to the left and turn off briefing.

Slow performance can also be due to multiple apps running at the same time or a software or hardware issue. If it persists after you have turned off most the apps running in the background, you will need to take the phone to a trusted Samsung S7 repair Singapore center for further examination and repair.

Samsung S7 Screen Replacement

The 5.1 inch Samsung S7 screen is one of the most sensitive parts of your smart phone. It is highly susceptible to damage from drops and general mishandling. How many times have you seen people holding smart phones with spider web cracking on the screen? Plenty, you’ll agree. The S7 is designed with a strong display that uses Quad HD Super AMOLED. However, if the phone drops from your hand or pocket and land face down, the screen will definitely crack. This is why you need to invest in a strong protective case.

What to do with a broken screen

There is only one solution for a cracked Samsung S7 screen and that is to have it replaced with a new one. Some people try to fix the problem on their own, risking further damage to the phone. The curved Samsung S7 display is intricately bonded to the Gorilla Glass 4 covergalss. Separating the two without damaging one part is practically impossible. To replace the damaged screen, you also have to replace the coverglass and get a new AMOLED panel too. The only option you have is to take the phone to a good Singapore Samsung S7 repair center or Samsung Service Center, if you still have warranty,and have the screen replaced professionally.

Samsung S7 Unresponsive Screen

A good number of Samsung S7 users have often complained of their Samsung S7 phone’s screen suddenly going black and completely unresponsive. This often happens after updating to the latest Android operating system.

Possible Solutions

  • You can start by force restarting the phone by holding down the Power and Volume Down keys together for 15 seconds.
  • If the phone is till unresponsive, plug in the charger and try to restart the phone while it is still charging.
  • Try to boot the phone in Safe Mode and if the problem persists try to boot it in Recovery Mode.
  • If nothing has happened so far, then it could be a serious software or hardware issue such as a damaged display. The phone may need firmware replacement. Take it to Samsung Center or for fast and more affordable tests and repair, take it to a professional Samsung S7 repair Singapore expert.

Other S7 Screen Problems

There are many screen-related issues that you may encounter in your S7 including:

  • Double images where icons or images appear twice on the screen at the same time
  • LCD blending where your screen displays uneven color marks or lines especially when you are using the phone outdoors on a bright sunny day.
  • A slow and often unresponsive screen

Most of these problems can be addressed from your settings tab but some could be due to software or hardware issues and can only be repaired by a qualified Samsung S7 repair company in Singapore.

Samsung S7 Poor Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a strong 3000mAh battery. However, the battery can still take a beating after a heavy daily grind.

How to fix Samsung S7 low battery capacity

If you notice that your battery capacity gradually declining day by day, you can save its life by:

  • Eliminating all those errant power-sucking apps that run in the background.
  • Turn off Facebook and Facebook Messenger when they are not in use as these two have often been cited as the biggest battery offenders.
  • If the problem persists you may consider having the battery replaced at a trusted Samsung S7 repair Singapore center such as iRepair.

Samsung S7 Dead Power and Volume Buttons

Power and Volume buttons are among the most important buttons in your Galaxy S7. If they stopped working, then you could be facing a major problem.

Possible Solutions

  • Reset the phone
  • Let a qualified Singapore Samsung S7 repair expert check the phone and possibly repair the buttons.

Samsung S7 Camera Replacement

There are many Galaxy S7 users who have complained of suddenly getting a notification on their phones stating “Warning: Camera Failure.” This could be due to a number of software, hardware, or settings issues. You may need to take the phone to an expert Samsung S7 repair Singapore firm to have it checked and repaired.

Samsung Concierge Service

Samsung runs an after-sales initiative that is unique to Singapore known as Samsung Concierge. The service, which is available for a one-time fee of S$38 gives Samsung phone users extended coverage for their devices. Samsung’s mobile warranty provides coverage for up to S$360.

For fast, efficient, and most reasonably priced Samsung S7 repair and parts replacement service, you can take your phone to iRepair on PrinsepStree, Singapore. All minor and major repairs are professionally handled at iRepair. Screen replace at iRepair can be done within an hour.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the best Android smartphones on the market today. It comes with very useful and impressive features including the following: Four sleek color finishes to choose from namely black, silver, white, and gold A slim lightweight design. The phone weighs just 5.36 ounces. A 5.1…

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