Samsung S8 Repair Singapore

Samsung Galaxy S8 has been lauded as a device with everything you look for in a phone today. Samsung seems to have done a stellar job in fitting almost everything users asked for into the S8. The phone features top-end specs in a sleek compact design. Here are some of the key specs of the Galaxy S8:

  • It runs on Android 7.0 Nougat operating system
  • Has a wide enough 5.8-inch AMOLED display with 2960×1440 pixels at 570 ppi
  • Sufficient storage of 64GB and expandable memory of up to 256GB via microSD
  • 12MP back camera and 8MP front camera with auto-focus
  • Fast charging via USB, Qi wireless, and Powermat wireless
  • A reliable 3000mAh battery
  • Water resistance rating of IP68
  • Iris scanner and Samsung KNOX security features
  • Lightweight at just 155g and only measures 148.×68.1x8mm which makes it quite slim and easily portable.

The Galaxy S8 is indeed a beautiful smart phone with almost bezel-less design, perfect Infinite Display, and a unibody made of glass and solid metal. However, despite these impressive specs and design, some users have started reporting a few problems with the phone. So far, there have not been any serious complains such as the phone blowing up in your face as was the case with the Galaxy Note 7 but if you ever run into a serious issue with your S8, we highly recommend that you have it checked by a professional Samsung S8 repair Singapore company such as irepair at Prinsep Street. With that said, here are some of the common problems reported by S8 users and a few suggestions on how to fix the glitches.

Samsung S8 Screen Replacement

The S8 comes with an impressive but delicate 5.8 inch AMOLED screen that could potentially suffer irreparable damage from drops or mishandling. The phone is so slick that it can easily slip from your pocket and land face down, causing screen damage.

Solution for a damaged Samsung 8 screen

To be honest, there is only one solution to a cracked or damaged S8 screen. You’ll need to have it replaced with a new one. Do not attempt to self-repair it with resin. This is not your typical windscreen glass but a sensitive display intricately bonded with a delicate cover glass and AMOLED panel. Your only option is to take the phone either to Samsung Center if you have bought their Concierge package or to a reliable Singapore Samsung S8 repair center to have the screen replaced with a new one by professionals.

Samsung-S8-cracked-screenSamsung S8 Red Tint Screen Color Problem

Another screen problem cited by S8 users, especially in Korea, is about the phone’s screen having a red tint.

Potential Solution

The red tint issue is not actually a hardware problem but a software issue that can be solved with an update. If your S8 has a red tint, take it to Samsung Center or better still to a Samsung S8 repair Singapore center for a software update that will eliminate the problem.

Samsung-S8 repair singaporeSamsung S8 Low Battery Replacement

One thing that Samsung improved in the S8 generation is battery power. However, you may still experience poor battery life depending on how you use your phone.

Solution to Samsung S8 low battery life

To reduce battery drain:

  • Close or uninstall apps running in the background that you hardly use
  • Lower the screen resolution and brightness
  • Turn off radios that you don’t need
  • Run the phone in power saving mode when you are not actively using apps
  • If the problem still persists, consider taking the phone to a professional Samsung S8 repair company in Singapore like iRepair Singapore or to Samsung authorized center for a battery replacement.

Samsung S8 Camera Replacement

One of the mistakes Samsung made in the design of the S8 is to put the fingerprint scanner very close to the camera lens. Most users have complained of the camera taking blurred photos or videos simply because they’d left fingerprint smudges on the lens glass unintentionally.

What to do if you get blurred pictures

  • The problem could possibly be fingerprint smudges on the lens glass so simply wipe the lens before taking pictures.
  • If the photos or videos are still blurred or off-color, then you may need to look for a camera replacement service from a Singapore Samsung repair center.

How about Samsung Concierge Service?

Samsung Concierge is an after-sales service launched in 2016 by Samsung in Singapore. To use the service you need to pay a fee of S$38 for the benefit of getting a 50% discount on most out-of-warranty repairs among other services. However, there are conditions to meet and long waiting times before your device is repaired. Those without a Samsung Concierge service, repairing will be expensive, a screen crack replacement will cost close to $500 with labour charges.

If you want fast and efficient Samsung S8 repair services provided at the most reasonable cost, your best option is the iRepair Singapore center located on Prinsep Street, Singapore. Samsung S8 screen replacement is lower at $300. Most repairs and parts replacement services are efficiently completed within an hour or two.

Samsung Galaxy S8 has been lauded as a device with everything you look for in a phone today. Samsung seems to have done a stellar job in fitting almost everything users asked for into the S8. The phone features top-end specs in a sleek compact design. Here are some of…

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