Terms & Conditions

A Mutual Agreement:

This is a mutual agreement between you and irepair.com.sg, the company that offers mobile repair services that you agree with all the terms and conditions given below by the company and you will act accordingly and won’t try to breach this mutual agreement.


We may perform time to time changes in our terms and conditions. So, you are supposed to read this page time to time so that you can remain aware about everything we set for you.

Usage of Our Data:

You are not allowed to misuse our data by any means. You can’t share any harmful and malicious data to our website that can be harmful for the website or its users. Also, you can’t send any spam or harmful email to us. If you do any sort of act like these, it will be taken as an act of criminal offense and you may go through a legal process for this.

Submission on the Website:

While registering or contacting us, giving your review on the website, or doing anything like this, you can only use your own name, email address, and other details. If you are found using someone other’s details without his consent, it will also be taken as a criminal act and you will have to face a criminal charge for this.

Linking irepair.com.sg:

You are allowed to link our homepage on other platforms for some cases. But, you are not allowed to link our website to any irrelevant website that can damage our worthy reputation. If you do so, you will also be criminally charged for it on some concerned and serious platforms.


All the data of the website including the design of the website, images, content, music, software, videos, graphic, and other things are only the property of irepair.com.sg. You are restricted to use any of them without our consent.

Privacy Policy:

Read our privacy policy on the privacy policy page.


For any complain or inquiry, feel free to contact us using the contact details provided on the website, we will make sure that your concern is resolved.