Transparent Workflow

At iRepair, our aim is to be as transparent as possible to our customers. Come and watch our certified engineers repair iPhone from behind a glass panel. There is no doubt that you will like our workmanship and you will tell your friends to tell their friends.

All iPhone repairs are done in-house and we don’t do any outsourcing. Our transparency will leave you assured of this. For the case of replacements, we use the best parts. If there are diverse ones, you will have a chance to choose the one which you like, but we don’t choose on your behalf.

Come and let your device to be examined. You will be informed of the problem with your device and the possible solutions will be explained to you. We don’t do anything outside your permission. We will repair your device and let you check whether it is working as you need before you can make payment.

Our transparency has made us earn Credit Accreditation from the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) which validates whether or not businesses are transparent to their customers. We will inform you of any parts which we replace on your iPhone and these come with a 1 year warranty. In case it gets damaged before the warranty expires, you will come back with your receipt and get a brand new one without paying anything. Come and enjoy our professional and exceptional services!